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  1. Hi guys I was just wondering if you are thinking of doing some more detailed stand-alone renditions of the bigger NZ airports like Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland or Dunedin, seeing as you did such a great job with the likes of Milford Sound, Whangarei, Gisborne and Queenstown?
  2. How about some of the Maldives? and islands of Kiribati/Tokelau? Madagascar? That would be amazing!!!
  3. And Lakeba, Bureta, Labasa, Taveuni, Rotuma... pleasee
  4. Hi there! I would really love to see Fijian airports in Orbx style pleeease . You all at Orbx did such a fantastic job of Samoa... and Fiji is very neglected in the flightsim community and for us here downunder, Fiji has a special place in many of our hearts I know and definitely in mine ... Would you please consider doing the Fiji Islands... perhaps the bigger airports like Nadi and Nausori could be payware, but as far as freeware goes, the outer islands would be wonderful...especially Lakeba in the chiefly island group of Lau . My best friend is a chief from Lakeba and has asked if thi
  5. Hi guys :) Hey are you guys thinking of doing Fiji at any stage? Only one developer out there has done Nadi and done a pretty lousy job, so I thought wouldn't it be amazing if you guys at ORBX would do Fiji. I would totally buy it cos I know you would do a fantastic job... I have bought a whole ton of your stuff :) I'm from NZ and I know us ANZACS love flying to Fiji, so I reckon it would be a great addition to ones you have already done like Samoa and PNG. Please could you do Fiji I thinks a lot of us down under would be so grateful. Sincerely, Tim, AKL, NZ
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