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  1. Thank you for your response Tony. I am afraid that had I known this and the state it would leave inland rendering in I would never have purchased the product in the first place and would have waited for a later generation. It is a shame it has taken two weeks and this thread to find this out. The Orbx promise "Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh brings out stunning detail in natural features such as hills and beaches." This does not reflect what you say above. I am afraid this is not a technical issue. It is a sales issue and that is why I opened my ticket. As I have stated elsewhere. I purchased XPlane on the strength of Orbx supporting it with TE products, and purchased full TE UK coverage before I had even installed the simulator. That is how highly I rated your products. The 10m mesh was an essential part of that purchase and is right up there in the product description. At inland points there is no evidence of anything other than the default mesh. I have now received a response to my ticket. Not offering my money back but informing me that Orbx do not mislead their customers. No explanation for the delay. I may have been forthright in this, but I have remained civil, and I believe it is clear my issue is not with the product, other than that it is not as advertised, but with the lack of support.
  2. I agree with all comments on frustration. My ticket is now nearly a week old and it has not been responded to, nor have any of my follow ups. The fact is, Orbx do not provide technical support, for their own good reasons, and it appears they do not respond to reasonable ticket requests. If you chaps do not think that should be highlighted to customers, then you are not being fair to those who may be faced with problems that Orbx is unable to deal with. Your problems have been addressed and dealt with, presumably because they were easy to deal with. That they have advertised a 10m mesh where there patently is no 10m mesh, and because they are unable to reasonably explain why, should be a matter of concern to any person who buys their products or who may consider buying their products in future. If there is a simple answer, then ask yourself why they are not giving it? This is not a good situation, and it is not helpful or constructive that people who are not affected by it try to defend it, or do not wish to be confronted with it. The worst part of this whole thing is the complete absence of support or even acknowledgement. I do not believe any of you would accept that as reasonable.
  3. I put in a ticket for a refund on my TrueEarth UK purchases last saturday because they do not provide a 10m mesh, as advertised. Haven't heard a peep out of the chaps. Bit funny that. Are we dealing with cowboys or should I continue using Orbx products. No technical support for the products they make and they choose not to respond to customer concerns. This place is starting to stink to me.
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