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  1. Hi, With only Global BASE Pack and Global VECTOR installed, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has 3 bridges under it, which is incorrect. These vector elements should be removed from the package. Cheers, Andrew McLean www.aerosoft.com.au
  2. Hi, Another strange texture with OrbX Global BASE and VECTOR: Calgary International CYYC
  3. Hi Doug, Thanks!! That fixes the issue. Maybe should be unchecked by default. Cheers, Andrew McLean www.aerosoft.com.au
  4. Hi, Just purchased OrbX BASE Pack and VECTOR. That fixed the problems with the random night tiles over Sydney since the new lclookup.bgl works properly now. Everything else from OrbX is updated with the latest libraries and I've done a Force Migration and unified the system. This is what you get from EGLL. Black water tiles. They're not just at the airport but also over London itself. It appears, logically, that it's a global issue. Here's New York. Note also the vectors appear incorrect also.
  5. Hi Nick, Thanks for the information. I've done that and the land class is correct now. Thanks again. I hope this has been relayed to the developers so they can address the issue. Cheers, Andrew McLean www.aerosoft.com.au (former MegaSceneryEarth developer)
  6. Hi Nick, Holgermesh at this stage and Launceston. Potentially Australia when it comes out. Clearly there's a bug in OrbX somewhere. Cheers, Andrew
  7. Hi Nick, Yes, it's happening at Los Angeles as well. (see screen shot) I've attached the terrain.cfg and scenery.cfg files to this post. terrain.cfg scenery.cfg
  8. Hi, I've just purchased Prepar3d v4.5.12.30293 and just installed FTX Central v3.3.8.0. I then updated the Orbx Libraries as FTX requested it. So, a a very clean install as none of these products has been installed before. The result is night texture and no texture loaded instead of the correct land class. This is Sydney, Australia. Can someone please let me know what the issues is? To try and debug it, I removed the terrain.cfg file from C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and ran P3D which generated a new terrain.cfg file. Same visual is
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