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  1. On the whole no, but it does bother me when aircraft with wildly inappropriate registrations, or aircraft that wouldn't be normally seen at a particular airport, win screenshot competitions. There have been several examples in the recent months...
  2. Fairly standard in most Super Cubs - especially if used for banner/glider towing or backcountry work.This is a big engined Cub though http://www.dougronan.com/Monster Cub.htm
  3. 'Alycon Evening - 'Pure as it comes XP11' - no image manipulation. ORBX GBTE over Snowdon . Freeware 'MS733 Alycon' .
  4. 'When the Saints go marching in' OrbxGBTE - Freeware XP11 Jaguar with 16 Squadron repaint
  5. I didn't read the manual - just flown in with a friend in R/L. and yes that's the beauty of simming - R/L is far too complex with far too many rules these days!
  6. Very Nice ...if we could only get one as good for XP11...
  7. Nice shots and nice to see the Stampe - oh for a Tiger Moth in XP11 though!
  8. For those who aren't mega-rich or members of the 'funny handshake brigade' https://www.popham-airfield.co.uk/copy-of-airfield-information .
  9. Doing the 'Full Monty' right now - only the dog as a witness though! A nice nighttime shot! Hillsborough Stadium shows up well!
  10. Looks just like the Shuttle in XP11 :-)
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