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  1. Any time frame for the rest of them to be converted to X-Plane 11 or have you given up on that?
  2. Flight dynamic models are one thing but I wonder what the 'atmospheric model' will be like? - as a R/L soaring pilot I have yet to fly a simulator that as an accurate atmospheric model - Condor 2 is the closest I have flown, the others are all pretty lacking - some woefully so..I hope FS2020 is better - but the lack of a sailplane in the 'package' so far does not fill me with confidence.
  3. and if they could extend up into B.C and Alaska I would be even more happy...…. Just one question is there a roadmap for the conversion of all the rest of the 'west coast' FSX/P3D airports to X-Plane 11, to match the TE regions ?
  4. Very Nice shot - a little south-west of Banbury I think...…… airfield in the foreground is RAF Barford St. John and to the left former USAF base RAF Upper Heyford…..
  5. 'Heading for Hood ' - practice for a 1000 mile sailplane flight using Orbx TE scenery in XP11....
  6. Just wonder if anymore of those nice FSX/P3D airports for the western USA are in the pipeline for X-Plane -TE scenery been awhile since any released...….
  7. Have these changed ? I have seen two requests lately asking posters to change their screenshots -which were both really good -because 'not enough Orbx scenery in them' - I thought the requirement was just to have Orbx scenery in them - not a specified amount. Seems a bit unfair to me.......
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