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  1. Indeed. I'm kinda pissed off. I pay good money for what should be good product. Instead every time I've attempted to actually use the product I purchased I encounter problem after problem and it somehow always my fault. I think you'd be a bit annoyed as well, in my situation. You mean like this already ticked option. As you mention, this is the default. I have not changed this setting (why the hell is it even a setting?!) and yet your software still filled up /tmp and then failed without any indication to me as to the issue, not even a "I've run out of space i
  2. So I'm supposed to read through a 34 page PDF file before touching this software, which should have sane defaults and is designed to make this process easier? Is that honestly your response? No, I shouldn't have to do that. The application should behave correctly with the default that it picks, and should warn me if the defaults may lead to problems. That's good design. Did you read every piece of documentation for Chrome/Firefox/Edge before using it, or did you just use it and expect it to work? Same with Windows? X-Plane? I highlight terrible user experiences and this
  3. So I just gave this another go after leaving it for several hours and the progress bar not moving at all. It seems the Orbx central app will just dump however much data it feels necessary into /tmp for some reason. Why it does this I'm not too sure, but at no point did I instruct it to download anything there. The trouble is that my /tmp partition is 8gb in size, which is far beyond fine for my day-to-day needs, but far below the requirement for the files I'm attempting to install. Orbx Central does not check the size requirements of where it's dumping files before it g
  4. Similar issues here with GB Central. Just came back to trying to use this product after a year. Happy to see there is finally a user friendly way of doing this on Mac/Linux. Kinda frustrated these problems have come about. The log file isn't very interesting... 2020-03-08T11:54:02.179Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connection interrupted... Retrying. 2020-03-08T11:54:02.205Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connection interrupted... Retrying. 2020-03-08T11:54:02.249Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connection interrupted... Retrying. 2020-03-08T11:54:02.411Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connection interrupted... Retr
  5. KDE Neon, 18.04 user edition. It's mounted. A tad tricky to use Xplane on an unmounted drive. ~/.x-plane does not exist. Nor would I expect it to. Xplane doesn't have permission to write to my home directory. Steam is installed via a flatpak package, and as a basic security precaution I've removed access to my home directory. Steam, and the games it spawns, have no business looking in there so it prevents anything malicious from happening be it from a rouge game, a exploit or a misbehaving addon. Xplane is installed via Steam, so is subject
  6. So, trying to get this installed and working as it seems I'm having issues with the zip files which is taking forever to get sorted. Looks like I'm not going to have any luck here either. $ ./orbx-central-0.17.2.AppImage This shows up, I click "Integrate and run": Console spits this out: ERROR: appimage_register_in_system : Entry doesn't exists: .DirIcon Then this shows up: Pressing okay then gives this in the terminal: gtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid. Could not parse file "/home/ribs/.local/share/applications/appimagekit_7
  7. Mitchelll, Our MD5Sums match. Try this command. Watch the output like a hawk, don't walk away from it: $ unzip Orbx_TrueEarth_GB_North_CrossPlatform_da66adw67d.zip After a short time, you'll start to see messages like this: These are not normal errors. The archive may 'decompress', but are you 100% certain there are not any missing files once it finishes? I obviously don't have a file listing so I can't say for sure, that's probably something you would be able to check. The South archive did not do this. The Central archive (o
  8. Nick, The problem isn't unique to me. It's any Mac or Linux user that wishes to use these products will be affected. I fully appreciate that we are probably a small proportion of the customer base, but this isn't a "Ribs issue", this is a corrupt archive issue. Is it not possible to remake the North archive? I don't want to wait weeks and weeks and have to mess about with yet another piece of software to use this thing. It was done for Central so I'm just confused as to why it's not being done for North.
  9. Sorry for the inflammatory topic. I think it's the only way I could actually get support so I'm trying what I can. I have paid for: GB North GB Central GB South Of those three, GB South is the only product that actually worked. GB North and GB Central have corrupt zip archives. Nick Cooper has been kind enough to provide me with a Central archive. I understand he doesn't actually work for Orbx, so his powers are limited. So now it's just North that I'm still waiting for. When I asked for it, I've now been told to wait for t
  10. Any updates please? The archives are broken. I cannot use them.
  11. More than enough. I could extract the archives several times over before worrying about space on the ssd and xplane gets its own 1tb hard drive which has plenty of space. Space is not an issue. The archives don't even open, I don't get to the point of running out of space as they don't decompress (with the exception of infozip giving it a go). I should be able to get a listing even if my storage was completely full but I just get an error.
  12. So my checksums match. So we have a problem. South: works okay. Took a long time to convert as the included script uses one core at a time and even then I had to modify it and install other dependent programs before it would run. North: Corrupt archive Central: Corrupt archive. Ark (https://kde.org/applications/utilities/ark/) refuses to open them with a "Not a zip archive" error. p7zip (http://p7zip.sourceforge.net/) refuses to open them with "Can not open the file as archive" InfoZip (http://infozip.sourceforge.net/UnZip.html) does open them, but
  13. Also, the Linux script is broken: It assumes that imagemagik may be installed but makes zero checks if this is actually the case. A binary is provided for MacOS but not for Linux. It just assumes the software is installed. As there is no documentation to ensure this is installed, the user is instead presented with cryptic error messages if this isn't the case. Just writing basic documentation for Linux would allow the user to check for this and avoid the situation, as well as a basic check for the presence of the 'convert' binary in the user's path. The dds files go int
  14. If a topic is written for Windows users, with windows screenshots, I'm not going to use it as a Linux user. I'm not even going to start reading it. If you drove a BMW and someone gave you a repair guide for an Audi, you wouldn't use it, you wouldn't even start reading it... So the drama continues. Getting very impatient now. The entire point of this was to pay for a quality product and save myself hassle and thus far it's been impossible to use and I may as well have downloaded the map tiles myself using the free tools available. Both the Central and North files are may
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