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  1. I'm sorry if you think it is clearly written somewhere. If I need the libraries WHY DOESNT IT SAY? The website DOES NOT SAY IT. The blue banner DOES NOT SAY THIS, it tells of an update but not of the need to have it in the first place. Thanks for the support Goodbye.
  2. The thing is Nick, if I am supposed to install the free libraries, then shouldn't it say so somewhere? I'm sorry if I missed it when I bought the two sceneries, but on the purchase page, under 'prerequisites', there were none listed. Added to that, whilst the free libraries for XPlane are plain to see in the product lists, they were not easily found for P3D and I'm sill not sure how I stumbled upon them. I still don't even know if they are actually required, what caused the night textures or how I fixed them, which would be nice to know should I have to install again in the futu
  3. Well, I fixed it, but I'm still not sure how. But here it is in case it helps anyone. First, I don't have Vector or Global, I have only EU Eng and NA SoCal. This time, I un-installed everything Orbx related, including FTX central. I searched & made sure all Orbx stuff was completely gone from P3D, Program Data, Roaming and local. Then I installed FTX central again, followed by EU England, and the good old black/night patches were back. Doh. So I then installed the free Orbx libraries. Now, I KNOW I have run these sceneries before without using the free
  4. After an uninstall of everything, including P3D4.5, I have finally installed EU England, and it still has the black (night texture) 'holes' dotted across the whole of England. I'm stumped. (I can't try Nick's suggestion as there is no backup folder in the Orbx\scripts\unified folder). I've downloaded all files several times. Uninstalled and reinstalled FTX Central and EU Eng, including deleting anything Orbx related from Appdata, ProgData, P3D. I've tried deleting terrain.cfg and starting/saving FTC central & P3D in all manner of ways. I've tried fo
  5. Hi Nick, I seem to be having the exact same issue with EU England, I'm reinstalling it now so I'll try this. Can I just ask, assuming this fixes the problem, if I should then use FTX Central to install more scenery, will it cause the same problem to occur again, and can I just repeat this process to fix it each time? (This happened to me before and I somehow fixed it but was never sure how, so this time I'm trying to keep a note of the sure way to fix it for the future). Thanks
  6. Right, it's fixed this time. I'm not really sure what was wrong, either a dodgy download or more likely a cfg file left over from the previous install. Anyway, I did a full uninstall and clean out of any old scenery files and then deleted the terrain.cfg file and let P3D create a new one. Then I installed FTX Central and EU England, made sure to go into FTX central settings and save the library locations; Did the migration; And now the England scenery is there, all ok, plus no black holes in the rest of the world. phew. Also installed Southern Califo
  7. Hi Doug, thank you for replying, I do appreciate it, but I am not even sure what library if any, I am supposed to be installing. There are no prerequisites listed when EU England is purchased, so if any are needed it would be a good idea if it was stated. So I simply installed EU England using FTX central and the 'black patch' problem was immediately evident. I then noticed the free Orbx scenery in FTX central, so I installed it just in case it worked, and indeed, it did solve the problem with the Orbx England scenery, but caused the black patch problem at man
  8. I'm bemused, and I'm not sure it's worth the hassle to be honest. I eventually found some Orbx libraries (installable via FTX Central), though there is no mention that this is needed. I installed it and the black holes disappeared, from the England scenery at least. But instead there were the same black holes at various airports all over the world. It seems I can have Orbx England scenery without holes, or the rest of the world airports without holes, but not both. I can't work out if it's an elevation problem, or a scenery problem, but it was a cl
  9. Hi, I just did a clean install of Prepar3d 4.5 Then I downloaded and installed EU England (via FTX central), and the whole England map is covered in black textures. To be more precise, I think they are night lit textures as opposed to black. There is no mention of any other software requirement when I purchased the England scenery so I'm not sure why it's happening. I have no other scenery installed yet, and the 4 Orbx EU England scenery files are installed in their default location at the top of the list in the scenery library - 5 Scenery, 6 CVX, 7 Mesh, 8 Custom .
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