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  1. Hello @aig Thank you very much for your full report. It's very kind of you to make the effort to share such a detailed report with us. On my side, I must report some good news, although I still don't feel very confident. As you could read hereabove, I tried lots of things to get global working in p3dv5 HF2 (in vain), so on the 26th of July I was so fed up with it that I decided to switch back to p3dv4, which works perfectly with Orbx. However, on the 1st of October I decided to give it a new try. I downloaded a fresh new copy of p3dv5 HF2 (, installed
  2. 'Until august the 18th'... You probably meant until MSFS2020 was released... well, it's released now, I bought it and I can tell: I still prefer flying P3D with Orbx. So... yes, come on with openLC Asia! (please!)
  3. Hello Dickkya, Did you try the usual steps in Orbx Central, like 'Verify files' (in products section) and 'Sync simulator' (in Help section)?
  4. Hello Nick, Thank you for your efforts. I did exactly what you wrote. I hardly dare to write it, but... it didn't work. I too run out of ideas. I suppose we have to consider this a 'rare bug' (only three of us mentionned it in this thread). Since Orbx works absolutely fine for my P3D v4.5, I guess it might be a bug in P3D v5. I leave it for now.
  5. Hello Nick and Carlos, Thank you very much, Nick, for sending your files. I replaced mine with yours, sadly with no difference in the result. Carlos, I mostly tested without any add-on, so I'm sure that doesn't play any role.
  6. Hello Nick I have both P3D v4.5 HF3 and P3D v5 HF2 on the same pc. The strange thing is that the problems only occur in v5. In v4.5 all my Orbx scenery is installed without any difficulty, with the very same instance of Orbx Central. The misplaced autogen is not placed at random: it has some structure in it, like rows of houses etc. To me, it looks like the autogen 'layer' is put on the wrong textures (as the picture hereabove show). You seem to think the same, as you wrote that it must be the autogen definitions. What next? If you have suggestion
  7. Hello Nick, Yes, I installed from a backup. So now I removed the backup of both Global and OpenLC Europe and re-installed. But sadly, the problem is still there.
  8. pffff.... as soon as I re-installed OpenLC Europe the mess was back again. Installed normally or migrated to the Library makes no difference. Bit tired of those silly games. I give up again. For now.
  9. Hello Nick, @pezi en @Ams, Well well.... I tried something slightly different: * I installed P3D v5 OUTSIDE the default location (C:\Prepar3D v5 instead of C:\Program Files\etc...). * In Orbx Central of course I made sure I opted in for Fastlane. * I assigned both P3D v5 and Orbx central Administrator Rights (Rightclick -> Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Settings -> Administator rights). * And finally, even if that is explicitly discouraged by Orbx Central itself, I migrated Global Base to the Library (on my pc C:\Users\..
  10. Hello Nick, Really? What about checking the content of log files, or of some configuration files? I're really willing to check any file so we can track down the problem. But not trying is of course not an option.
  11. It's been a while since this thread began... I can't help thinking Orbx completely abandonned us to our fate.
  12. @ToniJH Why don't you use the Enhanced Atmospherics? Let me guess: because of the disturbing edges between clouds and landscape maybe? In that case: increase the clouds resolution, and the problem is gone.
  13. Hallo @Ams and @pezi, I'm a bit curious: any improvement on your side? Is it still only the 3 of us having this wierd bug??
  14. Hello @pezi, Thank you for reporting! I think that for the developers it might be important to know there are more of us having this bug.
  15. Hello @Ams, Yesterday I installed p3d v4.5 HF3 alongside p3d v5 HF1, on the same computer. * We already know (see above) that in version 5 the scenery is a mess because of the misplaced autogen, and a days of debugging brought no solution. * In version 4.5 quite the contrary: installing the Orbx scenery went well in one go. I suppose I'll carry on flying with v4.5 now. Hopefully some future update of p3dv5 / Orbx will solve the problem. At least, with a working v4.5 I can wait.
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