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  1. Congratulations, well done and well deserved Take care Mick
  2. This could help you, takes a while to read but worth it. SteveW's comments in particular. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/575988-good-framerates-major-stutters-pauses/
  3. Hi there, Did you try to uncheck enhanced atmospherics? Mick
  4. Interesting topic, I'm dying to see what's causing this. I do have those KERNELBASE.dll errors as well but can't see any pattern and I don't have any airports installed. So maybe there is a different cause. Mick
  5. Unfortunately it was only for a short period of time last morning. When I went to install in the afternoon it disappeared already. Maybe another few days. Sorry for causing the confusion. Mick
  6. Hello there, I don't know about London City but Alderney shows up in my Orbx Central V5 setup, ready to install.. All the best Mick
  7. Hi Kai, I Have all the Orbx EU sceneries installed in Orbx library, running the very same scenery settings as you do and don't have any problems. When problems like that occur to me I usually regenerate the "SceneryIndexes_x64" folder (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5), then in Windows program and features I right click on Prepar3d client, content and scenery and choose repair. It helped a couple of times on my system, no setting or .cfg or anything is changed. Just give a shot, it's just a few minutes and might help. Mick
  8. Just telling what worked for me after days of try and error.
  9. This Kernelbase.dll error was driving me insane a couple of months ago in v4.5. what helped eventually, I deleted p3d generated files, abandoned nvidea inspector, lowered my in game settings and lowered my cpu oc. All that after numerous Windows + Prepa3ed reinstalls. Just give it a shot.
  10. This is Orbx Germany South, alps north of LOWI. Good luck t o everyone!
  11. Just give it another shot tomorrow, you'll see all is good. Too much testing today
  12. That's because scenery complexity, draw distance and building density. I don't know if your PC is capable to crank it up a bit - just play with the sliders.
  13. Orbx Central gives you only compatible scenery to install. Did you uncheck Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation? Other than that, try verifying files in Orbx Central.
  14. No problem, glad it worked for you and I could help. I believe it's something wrong with Acronis, scanning on files or folders even though they are excluded. As far as I know, it's mal- and ransomware not being scanned anymore. Have a good time, stay safe Mick
  15. I had this problem with scenery loading stuck at 5% when I installed Germany North / South. It didn't take forever but about 2 mins until it went on. I came across advice to disable Acronis active protection. That did the job for me, P3D v5 loads with all the regions (no true earth) activated within 60 secs. On the Acronis website is recommended to use the tool Autoruns, you can download it from the Microsoft website. Hope it helps
  16. I like that idea very much and would be willing to pay for as well... Mick
  17. It certainly depends on hardware and sim settings. If I would run at unlimited fps, definitely would see a drop in heavy areas. I've set a limit at 30 fps and don't have issues in Germany North / South.
  18. That's cool, I never noticed that thanks again.
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