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  1. It's gonna be fixed with the v5 update, there's many more in EU England - just wait. Take care Mick
  2. I had my v5 crashing after removing v4.5 as well, probably for reasons Rob mentioned. I did the remove generated files thing and all is good after this. Just in case you have problems. Take care Mick
  3. Congratulations, well done and well deserved Take care Mick
  4. This could help you, takes a while to read but worth it. SteveW's comments in particular. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/575988-good-framerates-major-stutters-pauses/
  5. Hi there, Did you try to uncheck enhanced atmospherics? Mick
  6. Interesting topic, I'm dying to see what's causing this. I do have those KERNELBASE.dll errors as well but can't see any pattern and I don't have any airports installed. So maybe there is a different cause. Mick
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