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  1. I did part of my PPL check ride here--so, naturally, it has a very special significance to me. It's also a seriously scenic airport (traffic pattern in either direction takes you right over the straights and bridge). Surprised it took this long to model it, but glad we have it!
  2. KTIW is a great place to do pattern work IRL for several reasons, and these screenshots illustrate one of the more compelling ones.
  3. As a 6+ year downtown Seattle resident (I can see my own building in these screenshots!) and real-world KBFI-based private pilot: the level of detail and accuracy here is extremely impressive--you've even included otherwise unremarkable buildings (like the little self storage building in Denny Triangle) and fairly accurate renditions of several buildings that are still under construction. I'm going to be all over this on release day. The only significant suggestion I have for release (or a patch): the tall white building with square windows on the north end of downtown is the Hyatt Regency. In reality, this building is only 160 meters tall, and therefore only slightly taller than the other buildings immediately surrounding it (instead, it's shown to be about as tall as Columbia Center and the as-yet incomplete Rainier Square, which are both 100+ meters taller in reality). Other than that...crazy good!
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