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  1. Disabling "SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Allan and Burrows Island Mesh - b/" or moving that line below "Orbx A-B-C TE Washington" in the "ini" file did help. Solved thanks to @Sentry11
  2. Hello, What are the boundaries of TE Washington? Is there a kml file available? I flew to WA12 Acme but that appeared to be default terrain however the airfield is situated in WA. Look the screenshot. I also attached my scenery.ini. Thanks very much in advance. Rob scenery_packs.ini
  3. Looking great! Also eagerly awaiting the NA PNW AI Traffic package for P3Dv4.
  4. A restart of P3Dv4 after unticking the "Use 3D dynamic autogen vegetation" did the trick. Ialsoi checked the value in P3D.cfg which shows =0. Thanks everyone. This was indeed a little annoyance.
  5. nope should be flat, not round... Great pic as always Filou!
  6. Thanks Holger. Glad to hear that it's reported. Let's see if can be improved. Photoreal might be a great solution...?
  7. Hi there, Today I flew from Salt Lake City Int. And looking below me it all looked rather blocky. Comparing it with Google Earth it all seem to be a bit off. I thought that OLC, Vector, Global where supposed to enhance the area? But this looked complete wrong to me. Or maybe something went amiss in my setup? Could anyone check the area please. The screenshot is in summer time.
  8. I can't buy anymore from OrbX as I do not have a credit card, I used paypal connected to my bank account. I hope Paypal will be restored.
  9. LOL good we do consider people as ' native' huh.. Great screenshot's btw.
  10. Blurry pics non clickable for full size. But what I can see is great
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