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  1. Thanks Nick. If so, this is most unfortunate. It seems like there would be a way they could disable my X-Plane software but if not, or they don't care to work with me, I will no longer be a Orbx customer.
  2. Is it possible to exchange my X-Plane purchases for credit on MSFS2020 products? I am no longer interested in using X-Plane and thus the money I have invested is down the drain. I have to believe there is a way that Orbx could disable my X-Plane purchases and grant me credit towards current and future MSFS2020 product purchases. I know this is not a Help desk Request but if someone would like to comment or suggest the place to make this request, please advise. As much as I want to support Orbx, if I am left with unusable Orbx X-Plane software and Orbx is unwilling to grant my reaso
  3. Well, I can certainly attest there are issues with Vulkan and Orbx TE. As I approached the SO CAL airspace XP crashed with the VULKAN DEVICE LOSS. I will disable all Orbx and try again but the flight up to this point was fine.
  4. After finally completing, verifying, and subsequent updates of my ALL Orbx USA TE Scenery I began having load CTD in X-Plane 11.50b9. What is most disturbing is I have NO OTHER scenery installed except Global Forests and globaltrees reference below appeared before I install it. Unless something is amiss with X-Plane's Default Scenery, the follow points me to Orbx. Please review and advise if the following has anything to do with Orbx? Thanks. Excerpt from my LOG.TXT file [AOS] [2020-05-21.09:09:33] :> Loading AOS [AOS] [2020-05-21.09:09:33] :> Configuration Load
  5. 7 hours later I get this screen. Running the Verify Files and will post result when complete.
  6. John, Thank for the information. You're always here to help and you are much appreciated. Dear Orbx, As sophisticated as your scenery is can you know design a fool proof installation method - and I though Microsoft had issues. I want to know just one thing. I have GIG SPEED service, more terabytes of storage capacity than I will ever use, an I9-9900K@5.2Ghz, 32GB 4133 T-Force Extreme RAM, and a 11GB RTX-2080 Ti EVGA KING PING GPU that never even breaths hard all on a Aorus Master Z390 MB. If all is working as designed, how long should it take to Install X-Plane TE US SoCA
  7. Jon, I changed the temp location and the install completed just fine. Thanks.
  8. Installed No Cal TE HD. I then removed all the Ortho4XP tiles I created for that area so they would not conflict. Nothing from Orbx was touched. When I verified, in XOrganizer, all was well I started X-Plane and received this error. After exiting XP, I ran OC and selected Verify files and all checked OK. Started XP again and the same error msg DBX popped up. Any suggestions? I was about to buy Florida and Key West but because I already have custom Ortho4XP tiles there I am reluctant to purchase. I don't understand what went wrong with NoCal. Do I need to completely uninstall and reinstall? Ple
  9. It has been awhile since checking for updates and when I selected it on Sunday night it sat in the same for over 24 hours.
  10. Hello All, Strangest thing is happening to me on Approach to KONP. Here's the FLP. 77S direct KONP (Short Flight if you want to test). Cruise Alt 8000 in the TBM900 from Hotstart. I've tried several of the approaches and they all crash X-Plane with and without WX. Bearing 282 Degrees to intercept the TULBE IAF for the RNAV 34. Decending out of 8000 to cross the fix at 4000 as soon as I start my turn to 332 X-Plane freezes and shuts down completely. I have never had this type of thing occur and have shot several approaches throughout WASH and ORG today. Just thought I woul
  11. Thanks Nick. I did figure the Roads thing out but you guys are so quick you saw it before I could edit. Thanks so much. Looking forward to California in HD too!
  12. Nick, I have X-Plane 11.35 and True Earth Washington. I recently build a new PC with an 11GB EVGA Kingpin RTX 2080Ti and would like to upgrade to Washington HD. I am installing Oregon HD as we speak so I should be in the right place (ORBX CENTRAL) but do not see any options for Washington. Thanks,
  13. Same here, Can't wait ORBX to cover the entire USA for the X-PLANE 11 RELEASE. Will my choice of WX have any affect on this product? I have SKYMAX PRO v4, FS Global Real Weather and Real Weather Connector in use. I am returning to FLT SIM after a 20 year break and WOW have things changed. You're products at out of this world and do hope they are affordable as I focus on USA flying and ONLY X-Plane. I have other sims but have decided X-Plane is the platform of choice for me. Hardware i7/8700K 32GB Ram GTX 1080 8GB
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