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  1. Doug, thank you, we know that, but doesn't answer our question. This question arises from previous reports that Skypark will become a subscription model. It could now be due to the early access to testing it, and then a subscription would be necessary, or will the one-time price remain? Kind regrads
  2. I would be interested, but not if a subscription is required !? Kind regards Mike
  3. Dear Andreas Hegi, thank you so much for your great Concrete Mun Airport. I enjoy it very much Kind regards Mike
  4. Thank you Brad and wain71 - thanks for looking, I'm glad you like it. A new second video is online From Orcas Island to Darrington Mun Enjoy. Kind Regards Mike
  5. MSFS 2020 with Orbx sceneries fascinate me so much that I tried to make a video for the first time. You can see a scenic flight over Orcas Island on an early sunny morning.The cut is not very perfect yet, but I hope you can enjoy the flight!? I would be delighted if all other USA airports would appear for the MSFS soon. Enjoy. KORS - on an early sunny morning Cheers Mike
  6. After yesterday's MSFS update and a new installation of KBCE, the trees are now available for me too. Thank you! Kind Regards Mike
  7. I noticed that many of the great pictures around KBCE show trees. With some, the trees appear in others, like me, there are no trees in the entire area. Do you have any advice for us? That would be great. Have already tried everything. Thank you very much for all efforts. Kind regards Mike
  8. TTM, yes. The white lines are no snow, no roads. The issue can always reproduced. Around all Darrington hills and mountains.
  9. Great photos. But the photos show a problem that I also have and that shows itself in reloading the mesh, which I cannot explain to me. The pictures 2, 3, 4 always show the crack in the mesh at the mountains whitish. Is there a solution to turn it off?
  10. My two of Darrington - today morning Kind regards Mike
  11. Is Orbx planning to bring the landclasses for the MSFS on sale? Would this make sense for the offline mode? Kind Regards Mike
  12. @Roger, JohnnyJohnJohn, Thank you, I really appreciate it. @renault Thanks for the appreciation and the nice words. Cheers Mike
  13. Afternoon - Thank you TTM Edit: sorry, I forgot the time differences between Germany and USA
  14. Hi Misha, I enjoy it very much - thank you so much for your great and amazing work Kind regards to Australia Mike
  15. I love it - great - hoping to be able to integrate more of the Orbx USA Airfields into the MSFS 2020 soon.
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