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  1. Hello, Yes, I recall that; It is likely that since you didn't experience the glitch the plane did not float as the gear extended after-or at all, correct? You are using Flightbeam's KSFO aswell? Perhaps a test could be done on your end to verify if you disable Flightbeam's KSFO; in addition to a no gear landing, that your plane "levitates"? I do not own Flightbeam's KSFO but perhaps the plane floating and the gear extending after has something to do with a confliction in some unknown variable... Thank You! Regards,
  2. Hello Chris, Thanks for your reply! I believe that was during the test at which I tried a higher approach speed at Mr. Sawatzky's request (150KT); the picture depict's the "nose wheel" doing a 'wheelie' partially for comedy but to test the high approach speed. In reality I would have used flaps 5-10 at the CGW I was running. You can see at about 2:19 of that video the bogies actually do engage the ground before the aircraft starts rising again. --- Hello Carlos, Thanks! I use Environment Force and I love it when it doesn't bug out (it'
  3. Hello, This is not specific to anything but perhaps someone will have any idea regarding this. Here is a video I made of a "landing gear retracted", landing. X-Posted from PMDG thread. https://streamable.com/s49g1 After I made that video I figured the "actual gear" didn't fail thus maybe that's why the plane was floating. So, I failed Hydraulic Systems 1 and 4 including the Aux (DEM) pumps and the same result happened, the gear even dropped when I slammed into the ground! Now in pure speculation, perhaps this may be incorporated int
  4. Hello, Thanks for pointing this out. Perhaps this is the file that makes the effect when Orbx Norcal is disabled... You may have more knowledge by simply having so much experience on the forums; do you know what the extension of the file that it is we are looking for? Thank You, Regards
  5. Hello Mr. Sandmann, I wanted to thank you for you explanation of how different terrain components work together. I believe this is the furthest the P3D community has gotten to solving this issue; or at the very least providing an explanation to its occurrence. I'll spare you the video but I just flew the KSFO 28R approach with the, same products, Orbx Manual settings and solely having disabled FTX NCA mesh; the same issue occurs. --- Thanks, everything helps when solving this issue... That is so weird! Just like even though I have a cl
  6. Thanks for trying to troubleshoot with me... Perhaps an we could ask an Orbx developer with knowledge of how elevation data works to chime in? I am confused beyond my means with this issue. If I disable Orbx NorCal, is there a way you know off the top of your head to fix the grass on the runway? Regards,
  7. Hello, I'll spare you the video. I just finished the fresh uninstall/reinstall of Orb-X NorCal with the manual compliant settings. It's the same issue, PMDG 747 sucked into the ground on final on the beam. Now, if you fly the approach with 1/4 PAPIs, you won't get sucked into the ground. I'll try disabling the BGL file for KSFO which has "elevation adjustment in it" and let you know. Disabling Elevation Correction BGL file for KSFO had no effect. Regards --- Recap Running the game at 19M terrain resolut
  8. Hello, Here are all the associated "KSFO.bgl" files. I'll go ahead and do the full uninstall and reinstall in the mean time. Thank You, Regards ABP_KSFO.bgl FTX_NCA_objects_KSFO_PLC.bgl ADEX_FTX_NCA_KSFO_San_Francisco_Intl.BGL ADEX_FTX_NCA_KSFO_San_Francisco_Intl_CVX.bgl ADE_FTX_NCA_KSFO_elevation_adjustment.BGL
  9. Hello Mr. Sawatzky, Here is a video with NorCal disabled. Thus my original theory of Orbx NorCal being the confliction... No issues. Apologies (This video is not with chaseplane disabled) only after I made it, I refreshed the page and saw your comment! As stated in the video, these are the settings as compliant with Orbx Open LC NA. With 5 meter terrain resolution and Orbx NorCal disabled. I do not have the landing issue. Is the grass issue a marker for perhaps the real issue? Thank You, R
  10. Hello, Yes, your seawall looks appropriate to the actual terrain even when set to 5 meters. I do not have any AI-Traffic Add-ons. Thank you for testing it! Here is my complete add-on list: EnvTex EnvShade ASP4 ASCA EnvForce by Rex PMDG 747 Chaseplane FSUIPC Orbx Products (Base, Vector, lc NA, NorCal Regards,
  11. Hello, Here is the video: The first portion of the video documents is aligned with the Orbx manual's settings and was performed after deleting the Programs Data P3D file. As expected, the plane was sucked into the ground and did a wheelie due to the higher landing speed. I should have done a flaps 5-10 landing for "legitimate" purposes, but none the less, it was for comedy. The second portion of the video documents the terrain mesh resolution set to 19M, disobeying the Orbx manual, creating a seawall that is not as sharp; thus
  12. Haha, wilco! I'll make a video for comedy. Perhaps I'll do a nose down pitch and my V2 speed for approach!!! I'll put out the speed-brakes on short final, make sure auto-throttle is screwing around at 80% N1 and I'll know I'm doing it right if I have the master caution going off. Touch the nose wheel to unlock the reversers and do a reverse flare while I'm at it! Video incoming...
  13. Hello, Unfortunately, I just did so and flew the approach to no avail. Any other trouble shooting steps I can try? Regards,
  14. Hello, I just verified all my installed Orbx products and flew the approach, unfortunately, it still occurs. Since we have the same setup, could you share your Scenery Config? I'll load it up and see what it happens. I'd hate to scrub my computer of P3D and reinstall it. Hello, The plane I flew in the video had 5000KG of fuel and 0 weight. Landing speed was 121-K Regards,
  15. Hello, I believe this thread was wrongly marked as answered, this is still an issue. Regards,
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