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  1. thanks for that last advise and i discovered that AU Holgermesh Australia also has to be uninstalled ,because i have Austalia v2 ,sofar it looks good ,thanks for the advise .best greetings
  2. installed almost everything back its ok now and if i look back then i conclude that the sudden installation of central because i bought the cityscape honolulu scenery gave me this problem together with Australia v2 gave me this problem wich took me about 3 days in houres ,but i fixed before i get help from your helpdesk ,wich i think is with weekend leave .i learn also from it therefore .greetings from holland
  3. removed everything installed and removed central from control panel restarted computer and prepar3d v4.5 and closed ,after that reinstalled central latest version ,then firsth base ,everytime started p3dv4.5 and closed and reinstalled sceneryitems ,main problem i think was ,i have australia v2 and that i installed later then the other things and you have to click on that you have installed austalie v2 on scenerys of australie,now it looks ok in australie in front of airport Heatrow still have problems with black squares ,have installed Aerosoft heatrow professional .tomorrow further to install north america ,takes a lot of time
  4. at firsth installation of the new ORBX Central i installed the librarie in a other hard disk its called C in my computer and before i remember it was all installed in my harddisc G were my prepar3D v4.5 is installed ,after that because of sea become dessert i removed all except base and after that installed all removed into Prepar3D v4.5 ,sea becomes sea again but now i got the layer problem ,but i see that when i start my Orbx central they still mention that the librarie is in C ,is it a idea to remove Central in control panel and reinstall it in with librarie in prepar 3Dv4.5 or do i have then firsth to remove all the things firsth via Central
  5. both below NL2000 v5.01 libraries and enabled Advanced Layering
  6. have exactly the same problem with Prepar3Dv4.5 and Central .0.16 central.log
  7. i didnt receive any solution but in central i uninstalled all except Global base Pack and started to reinstall after that the things were i got problems with and it looks untill now allright so you can close this problem were i asked assistance for , greetings
  8. Operating system: windows 10 professional 64 bits Simulator: prepar3Dv4 Screenshot: Issue: have land what should be sea foto is at EHKD whit beach and start whit litle stroke sea and then land what should be North sea ,checked at EGJJ and there exact same also at PHTO at Hawai new installed there are threes at runway /taxiway and big plattoos arround ,i did run elevation tool ,hope the central log file came over ,had problems to copy that may be wrong ,hope you have answer for that ,just unstalled the new central this weekend central.log for new central at computer.txt
  9. sir have the same problem also after install egjj extreme with EGAA the same uk2000 other like egpf is ok ,waiting also for answer with uk2000 forum greetings johannes
  10. sir fortunately i tried today to download and install and everything is working now without problem ,so this problem can be closed ,i did it with the manual download have a nice sunday ,greetings Johannes
  11. hello sir have p3dv3 before had a installation; open lc europe without problem but wanted to install update it was interrupted and get a message to send that info to the forum to solve problem ,hope you can help me
  12. thanks for the information Wedge1047,will look at that section greetings ;Johannes
  13. do i get a message ,about my valuation of my 7 bought boxed scenerys earlyer or do i have to make a new ticket for that ,greetings johannes de jong netherlands
  14. dear sir Thats very good news and give me a lot of confidence to build up my collection of your very good scenerys and buying more in future ,looking forward ,best greetings Johannes de Jong, Netherland
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