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  1. sorry for poking my nose in, I thought this was a general discussion of the problem presented. I caused some confusion, so sorry about that. As for simultaneous downloads though, there appears to be no such thing as Orbx central simply loads them one at a time, and only moves onto the next download when one has finished. My problem with updating on my iMac is still there for TEGB North, but I am getting around the problem by doing a fresh install of all my Orbx data on a PC. Started this morning and its almost finished, with no errors reported. Gary
  2. I have tried and tried to update TEGB North. The last two times I recorded screenshots after the thing froze my iMac completely. I could not use the mouse or the keyboard so even a force quit was impossible and I had to resort to a hard shutdown both times. I waited for two hours in each case before I gave up. As you can see from the difference between screenshots, other updates worked fine. I can only think of removing the files for North and starting again from scratch (another overnight download despite my theoretical 500 MBs speed (I suspect your servers can not keep up, not my intern
  3. OK all is well so this topic can be closed. Just to summarise from my experience on a Mac: 1) if the converter program gets stuck or fails in any way it refuses to rerun. 2) To rerun the converter, or start again you need to download it again (just the program). 3) When it has finished successfully I deleted the jpeg files manually all runs nicely now. Very pleased customer
  4. Thank you for the info. It is still churning away of course, hopefully the missed files will be there aftR this rerun of the converter.
  5. so do we need png files too? Trying to understand the logic of whats going on. JPG I assume because they are small. DDS preferred by X-Plane and I think it will use them in preference to a png if both are present. So DDS is all we really need?
  6. sorry for my confusion. I downloaded the converter again and now it is converting those jpg files into what I do not know. I assumed we need the dds files, especially as that is the problem file type which is missing in my case. So does the converter make dds and png from jpg?
  7. I installed GB North for X-Plane with no problems. I tried to install both GB Central and GB South for X-Plane and got an error message about missing dds files that should be in the texture folder. Somehow my conversion of the texture files to dds was not 100% successful. When I try to run the conversion again, it starts in terminal but then says it is complete. The texture file still contains png versions of the missing dds files, so they were not converted. How can I re-run the converter please?
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