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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention this has to do with TE Netherlands indeed. I will look for that Verify files option, thanks!
  2. Hm, well, okay, the solution to remove EHBD seems to be the only solution then...?
  3. For those who want to know NOW: press L. The L will toggle the labels.
  4. Flew from EHLW to EHEH. AFS2 CTD'ed when closing into EHEH from the north (at a distance of 1.4 nm at around 2000 ft): the log says there is a problem with loading EHBD which is to the south of EHEH. When I remove EHBD entirely from the scenery (moved it out of the TE NL Places folder) all is fine. When I put EHDB back again I get a CTD again in the same spot. So there seems to be a problem with EHBD. What can I do about it? For now I will keep the airport removed. From the AFS2 log: 2008.22-tmterrain_object: loading terrain object static 'Kempen_EHBD'... ...
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