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  1. That looks really good. Thanks Orbx for the quick turnaround on this one.
  2. Those are some impressive previews! I'm really pleased with the announcement of the landmarks product for London. Will there be more of these for other major locations? This is what will bring the cities to life. Thanks for the owners' discounts - that's a very customer-centric approach. Bravo!
  3. I've been playing the alpha tonight, and whilst the NDA prevents me from making direct comments on what I see, I can tell you that there's no shortage of opportunities for Orbx. Flying over London, I could recognise some of the landmarks, but others... Require attention. (A famous cathedral, for example.) Onwards!
  4. As a new user of P3D (yes, I made that decision quite recently... ) I was impressed by the Orbx products for it, particularly the excellent value global textures and land-class products, and add-ons from the likes of PMDG. The simulator itself fails to impress me. The colours annoy me, the cloud rendering is awful (either classic weather or true sky), seeing buildings through atmosphere, the terrible base simulator package lacking any detail in scenery or airports, the way it is configured, the lack of user friendliness in modifying it... I could go on. The only thing that makes it good is thi
  5. I'd love to see cross-platform bundles. I already have both X-Plane 11 and P3D V5, so the cost of having matching sceneries is prohibitive, but I would happily pay a small premium/uplift for cross-platform coverage, especially if it covers three sims!
  6. This is great news! I can't wait to see what's on the road-map, but I certainly hope some of my favourite Orbx destinations make the cut. (I'm looking at you, LOWI...) Will (or has) Orbx release a roadmap for us to wet our appetites?
  7. Recorded today in some challenging weather conditions (gusty with wind-shear warnings on approach): This was the visual approach procedure for runway 08 (Jeppesen chart 19-10 for users of Navigraph.)
  8. A little fun 15 minute flight around and through the mach loop, in TorqueSim's Pocket Rocket I really enjoyed the great detail provided by Orbx True Earth GB. I apologise for the juvenile music choice when the mach loop starts... (This kind of GA flying always makes me think of this music, from one of my all time favourite console games.) The music is from a SNES game called Star Fox.
  9. It's X-Plane 11. I have TE GB and a host of other Orbx sceneries for X-Plane 11, and use X-Plane primarily for my VFR and short haul flights. (The addition of SimHeaven's X-Europe as well as Orbx TE GB makes X-Plane ideal for both of these use cases.) I have openLC Europe and openLC North Amercia, for P3D, and some UK-based Orbx sceneries, which I primarily use for my medium to long haul flights. I opted for openLC products for the sole reason that, at the flight levels I'm normally at, I don't need the super detail of the True Earth products, and I find that P3D suffer
  10. I'm liking your choice of livery! That looks hot.
  11. The weather was, again, perfect for taking this fun little aircraft up. Departing EGNE Cruising the coastline Following the Humber Humber Bridge Finishing with a flight towards the baked horizon Another thoroughly enjoyable VFR flight exploring the Lincolnshire coast and countryside.
  12. I can't help but read everything you type in a certain voice...
  13. It looked like great weather, so I opted for a quick flight from Edinburgh to Tiree in the SAAB 340A. This being Scotland, the Highland Connect livery was right at home. Edinburgh and departure En-route Arriving at Tiree A great flight with some great views. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon flight!
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