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  1. hehe, just catching up and was going to mention this very thing. (same day, actually—I was out on 19 and back on 20th!) Would be great to see the floating taxiway under construction!
  2. Thanks gents! Hehhehe. It’s the X-Trident Tornado. Lovely little girl, she is.
  3. And when I got there, there was nowhere to park.
  4. rpg

    D-Day Dak

    There must be a show (if not several) on today—DC3 flew over my house for real this morning
  5. Surprisingly no: vanilla XP-11.34 with TEGB South, SP1. She's the Carenado C152 by the way... a bird I hope to be flying for real in 3 weeks' time
  6. It is lovely, I agree! Thanks Don! Richard
  7. sorry, having trouble getting imgur to play nice this evening.
  8. rpg

    D-Day Dak

    ahhh you also flew over London around 17.30!
  9. Cheers Chunk It would... although apparently we're burning hardly any coal these days. 20–25% of our electricity is from nuclear, but there isn't the political will to increase that :/
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