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  1. I'm sure that I saw this as a freeware for P3D in Fly Away Simulations - but the old mind being what it is I could be getting it mixed up with the Kuwait airline pilot on U Tube
  2. Rob said - People that enjoy fast jet simming - I often wonder why that happens - what's the point - you can't really get the sensation of speed unless you are close to the deck. After you said the above - I took the default fighter from default airport in PD3 from T/O to 30000' at full throttle in second - and just boring after that flying around with nothing to shoot at. and one can't compare it to those of us who like to Sim F1 and Rally racing where we can get some feel of cornering for E.G. Maybe MS think like me - who wants to fly low and slow VFR - and looking forward to leisurely flying the Citation CJ4 bizjet at 30k feet @Maurzio ----Arcade - of course - but a little more reason than swanning around on P3D in a Falcon - (Falcon 16 that is - not my Dassault Falcon FA 50). - I have tried it on my son's PS4 - but I prefer the Graphics on my X Box and 4K HDR. - which didn't cost me anything
  3. You are correct of course - the tiny clue was to zoom in on the blue sign over the Royal Victoria Flying Club Office - my Alma Marta - for my PPL 50 years ago
  4. Solved the Central updating to 10 problem Uninstalled and re installed Tried more of my inventory - mainly airports - more refusals to install
  5. Too easy to Cheat - just read the poster - " A port like Alice" with apologies to Neville Shute"
  6. Now I can add Lowi to the list of airports Gold Coast is my home drome and I use it constantly - or I Use to do This is what I keep getting
  7. "Again the problem with X Box is that you will be limited to MSFS2020 "-------- 'does not include any fast jets ( fighters /supersonic )" Not quite true Mawson - On my X Box One X - the current model - I play the flight sim - "Ace Combat Seven" - which contains some very fast fighter Jets and is included in my subscription of $10/month - choice of 100 game pass - and which Retails at $ A75 and the full series at $A127.00 - all on separate setup - at 4K res and HDR10 x 43"-and quadraphonic sound. I can't get it on my PC game pass (included in my$10) - because my PC isnt quite up to spec BEE yewti full!!
  8. Trying to reinstall LC Africa after reinstall P3D 4.5 Says not fully installed 2? files not loaded - Verify Files have done so 3 times - no luck
  9. Operating system: W10 64 Simulator: P3D 4.5 H3 Screenshot: Issue: after uninstalling absolutely all sim and Orbx - reinstalled sim and reinstalling a selection of my Orbx central will not update itself from 7 to 10 - but the main problem is I keep getting the RED screen of no library path All installations are request to Sim direct - no Library install -2 airports -Gold coast - Moorabbin - and the Canberra City all other requests installed with the odd refusal but accepted later also - how do I get Terra Flora 2 to install elsewhere - since Central wont ??
  10. Problem solved - I had a light bulb moment - the culprit was the latest W10 upgrade deleted and P3D back
  11. Hello Nick Many thanks for trying to help - I always thought it had to be something other than P3D in view of all the installs and repairs I thought back to when it all started - last Friday I thought - and then had a Light bulb moment I'm always suspicious of W10 upgrades and yes there was one last Friday so I uninstalled it and Bingo - I had my P3D back again in full 'I wonder how many others that update might have stuffed up? Many Thanks Nick for your kind efforts - much appreciated
  12. Hi Nick any chance of anything more from the Orbx team regards John
  13. Thanks for the reply - and I tried this path without I did a repair on the "New" vanilla install but no luck I got this SS after - but I don't really understand it
  14. Thanks john for the reply I only run 1 screen and the resolutions match as well as the FPS/Hz I don't know how to do the action on gen files - but the sim is absolute vanilla so had no time to install any preferences. I also have done another Repair check of all the install no luck from it though except I got this note after the repair - which I don't understand I know Nick talked about shaders etc I suppose I could buy the V5 but will the same problem occur.
  15. I have a major problem - I have lost my P3D V4 - asked on PD forum - Nick tried to help and no help from Avsim Or P3D forums https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/193776-blank-screen-aftewr-loding-ac-and-ap/ The whole story on above - any advice taken ( well ! none rude ones)
  16. This appears at 80% - would that have anything to do with it - I have nothing installed other than default If I purchase and install V5 - am I risking the same situation If we cant find a solution it means that if I want to continue flying with all my A/Cs and Multi Orbx on Steam FSX that is - until MSFX is available Any suggestions - anybody ??
  17. Just below the cloud base ! - which is usually around 3000 AGL
  18. Nope - HDR disabled - still no screen The only scenery is the default - no Orbx in sight as yet. Should I try to install the globals?
  19. After a new install - default A/C and A/P - no picture after 100% Shaders folder deleted as above - still no luck - ??
  20. Back Again Nick - sorry Finally got a complete install l- all OK - on 2 TB HD exclusively Loaded nothing but P3D V 4.5 Chose Standard A/C at default A/P loads like a flash without any other addons but --- no screen after 100% where do I find the - "P3D shaders" ?? regards - John
  21. Sorry nick - but thanks anyway I pressed the wrong key and lost the lot Am now struggling to reinstall - 3 attempts so far one more try - then I'll spend some $$ on V5 which might go in a little better TW!!
  22. I set the aircraft - set the airport details - setup runs thro' normal % report - @ 100% - then Blank Screen I am loath to uninstall / reinstall due to difficulties in the past with Installs - and have used control panel to repair 3 times with the same result. I have had no addons for some time and sim has been performing very well at 30fps with 1 exception - the views have been changing around without input from me - ie the 4 outside - and I Cockpit view Any advice ??
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