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  1. I dont remember this baby in the old XP - but it is in the new one - and I took it for a 40 fps spin over the smoke to see how the new XP performs on my mid range PC in TE London
  2. Hi Nick - Yes that has always been the case and most of my purchases have been when a special comes up as you will see and as yet I don't have the US West Coast TE in either P3D or XP - and since I reinstalled XP and enjoying it would appreciate a lower price As to my 20% Seniors discount - something must have gone wrong because Richard told me I was entitled and arranged it after I proved to him by virtue of my driving liceince that I was 84 at the time (and I know that this discount does not apply to Sales prices - so a bundle discount might only equat
  3. Now that is something looking out for - especially since it seems I am not getting my Senior discount when trying to purchase a couple of items recently
  4. 2 cents from a bloke who pressed the button at 1 minute passed midnight for a freebie MSFS Until they put the TOWER back as in Blackpool Tower - MSFS is taking a 6 month sabbatical - until the X box series X is readily available - just before the sim is ready for it. Even then - I can see the following being the "Name of the Game" This bloke has downloaded all his Orbx and Carenado into P3D V5 - added a raft of Freeware Photoreal scenery were none exists in Orbx territory - reinstalled XP 11.5 - with the new Vulcan - have fed so far - 260 GB of freeware pho
  5. Good I use the same CPU and an 8GB vram as to the Baron - I was referring to your later pics of the smokey ones - that were brilliant in my colour blind - cataract - filled Eyes
  6. Now that has got me interested - and I do agree TE has always been been better with XP - but somehow - I couldn't get XP to give a picture with 4K - but since I had to revert to HD (1080) for P3D and MSFS - that is no longer Important These shots were very good - 2 questions - what is the RAM of your video card - was that the standard Baron in XP
  7. @ B12 et al Why worry whether Orbx will give discounts for port overs ?? - I have a raft of Orbx add-ons - but I wouldn't care for one moment - if the case happened - that Orbx will be able to produce add-ons for the X Box. I will be first in the Queue for them with my plastic - as I will be with some of my aircrafts if it is possible to add them on. With the entrepreneurial skills of management - like it's founder - JV - Orbx will find the way - and MS just loves the principal of DLC continuance of the Market. I am a devout X boxer -an
  8. So disappointed with MSFS - and the move across to P3D V5 is not to my liking in the scenery front for low and slow - that I am actually contemplating reinstalling the new version of XP. I realize Vulcan etc are a performance upgrade - but how have the sceneries (Orbx TE) come through the change - and the same question with the aircraft - EG - I have the V flyte stable of A/C and the TE series
  9. This just appeared on another Forum - https://fselite.net/news/microsoft-flight-simulator-will-be-amazing-on-xbox/ I don't think we have had it here before Note this statement Quote - "Work for the Xbox version of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator does continue " -unquote
  10. Just an example - I am the owner of the current X BOX and thinking of upgrading to the more powerful series X - and also a gamer who plays Aces - flying my F16 - using my Thrustmaster Hotas X box controller. Sooohh - why don't I try this new MSFS that everyone is talking about - on my new X Box??- and try proper flying like my dad did on something called FSX on his computer It wont cost me a cent - because its an Microsoft XPA marked Game - and I have a Games Pass !!
  11. As Nick pointed out - its hardware and Tech talk - and maybe I should have placed it in that section However - it is also in accordance with the rules of General Discussion --- " also to discuss flight simulation, aviation and flying in general." and in my belief - as a long time flight simmer - an addition to the experience can be gained by those - like me - who cant afford around $A4500 for an all singing dancing computer - but maybe $A750 for a piece of hardware that that will play the sim equally well - and is able to use one's existing peripherals. - na
  12. I fly on X Box One with a Thrustmaster Hotas specially made for X Box - and read this that Honeycombe sent me https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/09/02/designed-for-xbox-new-look-continuous-compatibility/ Marizio beat me to it whilst I was replying - that is my Thrustmaster for Aces 7 flight games Sim - but for X BOX One the controller in the pic is for PS4
  13. Besides myself - I know this OFFICIAL news will excite Orbx Flyer - I hope Orbx have worked out - how to prepare addons for this huge market of potential Flight simmers The new X Box Series X will be available on the 10th of November - at a price of $499.99 A smaller spec version - X Box Series S - is also announced - at $299.99 - on the 10th Nov Games pass details are changed and the consoles can be bought on a monthly payment Interested - go
  14. There is a very simple answer here - "Chalk and Cheese" Orbx TE is designed for P3D V4 - and does not port very well to V5 Fly - Low and Slow - this is what you get ------- at 30000 feet - it's not that bad Remember - V5 came out of the blue - little warning to everyone - and give us a NEW sim It is an Impossibility to Expect Orbx TE to work in a different environment i.e DX 11 ----- DX 12 without a hell of a lot of work by Orbx - and with MSFS now around can Anyone expect that they will - even if a TE series - upgrade - was Payware ??
  15. hi Matey pvt message on way - meanwhile was this V4 or 5 - see my thread
  16. They want me to do both eyes in 1 month - the second in December - and I said Yes ! although one might ask why at my age. "because that will give me clear vision for my new X BOX in Nov. and the new MSFS at Xmas" !!!
  17. Thanks Nick It feels good that someone sees what I see - and agrees with me - I take note of the trick to turn the cockpit lighting on. The question therefore - what action can we take - so yes I do hope I have it mapped out - especially as I received a Microsoft URL from the sales and Marketing manager of Honeycombe - that included this extract from the Article that I would love to show to a few sceptics about my plans. However - I do hope you are not booked into a hospital to have the cataracts removed - as I am - believe or not - on the famous son of
  18. Hi Nick I am not one who thinks that Orbx should do any redevelopment of Their PD3V4 products free of charge As you constantly try to get the message across - (to the many that think this) - that P3DV5 is a new Sim - with many innovations and changes - Common sense should show those meanies - it is not simply viable - technically - or commercially - for Orbx to correct the errors that have been imparted by LM in a hurried release of a new sim Most would NOT expect Orbx to do a new scenery for MSFS - eg Gold Coast City - done previously for P3D or XPlane
  19. OK - I acknowledge P3DV5 in the above - but all I saw was the strong P3DV4+ !! - and I used Orbx only as an example of what appears the norm with a very few airport examples already WIP when V5 released shown in FS Elite.
  20. This is my suggestion as to the difference and my answer to my own question until someone can show me why I can't get good scenery in V5 and based on my own experience in the digital Imaging fields over 30 years We all love the Orbx TE series - but from time to time - a number of users had a complaint about odd colours in various parts/scenes - that Orbx attributed to differing photos taken at different times - giving different colours and shades. in the Direct X11 P3D V5 is a NEW sim - we are often reminded - and is based on some new technologies - incl
  21. Hi John Depends on where you are and what you call reasonable I bought the card I mention above - Rad 580 for $A289 3 weeks ago No intention of buying bigger Vram - until MSFS is sorted and ? or it comes out for X box by Xmas
  22. To the OP - you will need more VRAM ! - more the better with your CPU I am a newbie with the V5 - 7 days and have a new card with GB and crashed OrbyxTE Central SE of Liverpool - said I was OOM I did what Nick suggested - closed all shadows - and all seemingly OK with most sliders to the right I have just one problem now with Orbx in V5 - large saturation and dark patches - low and slow
  23. Thanks again smudge - no I haven't tried deleting the shader folder - 1 - I don't like interfering with files and 2 - I read somewhere - deleting the file get replaced next time of start up I;ll stick with what I have - low and slow with TE V 4 etc and my airports and aircraft and use V5 for long haul 10000 + thanks for trying !!
  24. i don't follow the question I thought it was clear that this was a comparison between the 2 sims as to the big difference in colour and clarity The best pictures are V4 - the worst V5 - why aren't the V5 the same ??
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