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  1. Like this quote - made today on Avsim in a discussion on the merits - or otherwise of P3D 5 - after 6 weeks on the market ""As I am on 2020 Alpha,I am soon to uninstall FSX ,P3DV4.5,and XP11, I already purchased PMDG 737 for 2020,looking forward to a great chapter in Flight Simulation ,been simming since 2000.""
  2. "Way off the beaten Track ?? - No way is it !! - anything but !!. Take a look at Skyvector Planning - and note the parcity of any where else to get a fill up after some long over water trips. Outside of the Wet Season - the "Top End' is a "bin there - dunn that !! " objective for all seriously minded 4 Wheel drivers - and fishermen I went there twice in the 70s in my PA 32 with 3 mates - to Weipa and the islands on fishing trips - some of best spots in OZ Way up to the NE of Horn - is Murray Island - a freeware Orbx A/P - now that would have baffled you even more The screen shot is the absolute North of the top of the Aussie mainland - hence "the Top End"
  3. Here's Google's view that it does exist - and is a popular airport - much busier than Bundy
  4. It looks like the Inside of a Brewery I once visited How about - "Cold One"??
  5. Not Bundaberg - but the State is right I can assure you - I Have nothing but Orbx on my computer - except for Instrument and aircraft addons I stopped there O/N - on a "keep Australia on the left"
  6. Never could recognise a private hospital - since I have never been in one Joy flight to Byron Bay !! - I hope that was earlier than March or he would have been up for 2 weeks quarantine Here's my contribution to the puzzlers - and the only clue I will give is it is also in Australia - just - and I flew there again recently.
  7. Gold Coast Airport - clues are The hospital at Robina and Mount Warning just peeping on the horizon
  8. We can't land there yet anyway -- Perth and west Oz has it's border closed
  9. I thought we had to use "Orbx" airport scenery for the scene ?? l Woops - I just read the first line In Stillwater's Original Post
  10. I see they didn't forget us GA VFR/IFR pilots - but the IFR ATC boys in their Tubes will be happy
  11. Just Right - LM must know that many people are holding back - waiting for V5.1
  12. If that's freeware - it's very good - but not much of a clue - since all my airports are Orbx Yes there are many FDS bases - but this looks so posh - it might be Charleville - but then again it might be Cloncurry ??
  13. Yeah I read that earlier - all done in 3 Unis I wonder if they can connect to my grave
  14. Hello Nick - thanks again all that exists in --- "Delete Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Orbx ObjectFlow 2 " is my RX GTN 750 addon and this after the reinstall - and a repair check However - please forget the query - because as I was checking Central Again - "Somehow" Object flow has appeared installed - curiously ?? -because it wasn't there before! Trying to install all the failed ones yesterday - are now suddenly installing !!!!!! Curiouser and curiouser ?????
  15. Sorry - to bring up Central on here - but I have been having big problems trying to reload quite a few of my many Orbx sceneries - after a reinstall of P3D4 - especially airports Have asked on Central - but so far no reply - could someone check. I even had to uninstall Central - download again to get the update from 7 to 10
  16. I'm sure that I saw this as a freeware for P3D in Fly Away Simulations - but the old mind being what it is I could be getting it mixed up with the Kuwait airline pilot on U Tube
  17. Rob said - People that enjoy fast jet simming - I often wonder why that happens - what's the point - you can't really get the sensation of speed unless you are close to the deck. After you said the above - I took the default fighter from default airport in PD3 from T/O to 30000' at full throttle in second - and just boring after that flying around with nothing to shoot at. and one can't compare it to those of us who like to Sim F1 and Rally racing where we can get some feel of cornering for E.G. Maybe MS think like me - who wants to fly low and slow VFR - and looking forward to leisurely flying the Citation CJ4 bizjet at 30k feet @Maurzio ----Arcade - of course - but a little more reason than swanning around on P3D in a Falcon - (Falcon 16 that is - not my Dassault Falcon FA 50). - I have tried it on my son's PS4 - but I prefer the Graphics on my X Box and 4K HDR. - which didn't cost me anything
  18. You are correct of course - the tiny clue was to zoom in on the blue sign over the Royal Victoria Flying Club Office - my Alma Marta - for my PPL 50 years ago
  19. Solved the Central updating to 10 problem Uninstalled and re installed Tried more of my inventory - mainly airports - more refusals to install
  20. Too easy to Cheat - just read the poster - " A port like Alice" with apologies to Neville Shute"
  21. Now I can add Lowi to the list of airports Gold Coast is my home drome and I use it constantly - or I Use to do This is what I keep getting
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