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  1. Stop worrying my old Aussie mates - we are not alone Figures published yesterday in connection with the first in line Down Under for The Covid Vaccine are:--- over 1'000'000 who are OVER 80 and 1'900'000 who are between 70 and 79 and 190'000 in God's Waiting Rooms The youngsters under 70 - have to wait their turn
  2. Probably will get shunted - but here goes I am not using MSFS at the moment - waiting mainly for the X Box Sim - However as an Aussie - I'm very impressed with a little mob and their small Aussie airports for MSFS are looking good. I live at Southport and that production is one of them As we wait for Orbx to replicate their Australian airport series for MSFS - If they were an Orbx partner I would jump in today - to give me a reason to use the 7 year old BING version of Australia that MSFS uses - and I venture to suggest I would not be
  3. Hi Derek Yes they do - for all 4 sims - BUT - in the case of P3D 4 and 5 - you need to be a programmer to understand it - I most certainly am not. Somehow you must have set up the Yoke - so maybe you did understand I did my yoke the only way I knew - and set some of it up - as normal - but I only use half of the supposed "key" benefits The Bravo unit has 34 keys as well as 5or 6 axis setups I cannot use the configurators as supplied because I cant understand them Go to Honeycomb web site and go to Download and you w
  4. If anybody read this - the solution was to delete the .txt file - and restart XP - which redid the file and then the install recognised the XP
  5. Having said all the above and obtained the Aerosoft Configurator as described in the Video - the Installation doesn't recognise my Steam Edition of XP11 - I tried advice to change the >TXT file in Users - but it didn't work
  6. Maybe it's a sign of the times - but all the advice I can find on U-tube is for MSFS - and is mainly for the Bravo Throttle unit - and mainly by Simhanger Simhanger did a couple of Alpha segments but a long time ago - and I wrote and asked him what his plans were for P3D 4and 5 - and commented that he would do a combo of the units but it will be a while As I commented earlier - it is not an easy set up - even for the Alpha - and the Bravo has quite a number of bugs - seemingly a few in MSFS XP set up is very easy - well - almost - than
  7. There was another Item missing from Gerold's original list of "Benefits" of living in OZ Our annual visits of Mr and Mrs CYCLONE - called - Tornado - Hurricane - etc elsewhere At the moment - the second one this year is bearing down on our State of Queensland - its only a little one - size 2 but the winds are 150k /hr. once again it is about to land around a little place - named Cardwell - a small town almost wiped out a few years ago along with some of our more famous Holiday Islands The Marina lost Millions of dollars of Yachts and Boats - never to open agai
  8. Although ordered 4 months ago - My Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant finally turned up 2 days ago. Unfortunately -for my favourite Sims - P3d V4 and 5 - the setups are a P.I.T.A. - and Honeycomb should sack Aerosoft who designed the set up software. XP and MSFS are relatively simple - using similar titles for an action - and a simple insert and LM should take a leaf out of their setups and redo theirs - because this hardware can only be the future of mid -priced usage. I see that in the Navigraph survey - many have a Bac
  9. As a Local - a very interesting video and my thanks for the lead - 2 reasons to watch. Maybe - if it is watched by many - all you guys internationally - might just see how Brisbane really is a great Cityscape and not as shown in MSFS Now we know why it has taken Orbx so long to create a new Brissie Airport - they had to wait for it to be finished - and that was only 5 months ago My plastic is ready - first day !! P.S. - with Australia V2 and P3D V5 - you can land on it now
  10. No -- should be - Huntsfemale --- the males get eaten after the act
  11. Lets try Brissie - Brisbun - in the Banana Bending State of Queensland - beautiful one day - perfect the next - where the arachnids are pets and keep everything else out of the house - and my town is an Orbx City Scape
  12. Another 2 cents!! MMM?? - not to sound argumentative - but I see different - and the reason is my logic is that P3D V4 and V5 are to all intents and purposes - the same basic sim. It could be argued that V5 was a new sim - but varies very little in fact - e.g. I use both for different reasons all the time - low and slow VFR with mostly old birds and single engine V4 For twins - biz jets - and tubes I use V5 and the weather situation for high and distance flights. The other reason is my hangar of some 25 Aircraft originals for V4 - and the $0000s of Orbx
  13. As a Marketing man from way back in the 60s - I read all the 120 pages and concluded that this was a good survey of a major Digital Simulation pastime - as opposed to a pure Gaming one. However -it will do nothing to the "my sim is better than your sim" arguments - and will no doubt boost that part of future discussions - relative to the 3 major sims. The statement that because there were 3 new versions of the sim - do cast some doubts on the statements of sim usage - because of the different introduction times I did notice that a goodly part o
  14. Once again my thanks - I was getting fed up of reading MSFS ---and it looks like you get one from stilletto 2 - as well - also??
  15. I think I have searched everywhere but cant find an answer to my wish Since I don't really use the sim at the moment - I want to cancel my notification for items associated "Microsoft Flight Simulator" but I can't find how ??
  16. This picture placed by Scott on the A2A forum shows how good the landing was is a help
  17. Hi Nick and G'day in 2021 Your advice is welcome as always - I now have the 2 academic variations for $Aus 38.00 and today is the wife's 84th Birthday - so I bought her a new Birthday Present
  18. The Whole World will then really be at our feet - ahem - undercarriage
  19. This is listed in Central at $A 68 -(52US$) and I have wanted this baby for a long time But not been able to afford it at 68 dollars I see on the A2A website - it currently priced at $US39 - approx $A38 - a huge saving - it doesn't say how long Obviously I want to get it from Orbx - and ask if this is possible at this price - or even if a senior discount is possible on an outside suppliers product
  20. Bottoms Up - or should be down ? - now you can have a really Happy New Years Celebration Well Done - A2a will be interested
  21. Needless to say there are many here - who are Orbx mad users - who will heartily agree with those sentiments Pete Some of us struggle with some of the simplest of problems - the answer to which are simple - have been given many times especially to old dills like me - by blokes like you - and I personally say thanks for a number of times you have come to my rescue. In wishing you a Happy New Year in return - may I also add Orbx blokes like Nick - Doug - John - and all the others who help us Orbx oldies- especially all the help given to all the Newbies - that have s
  22. Hey Guys !! Drop in to my local FC YSPT - and see The Gold Coast
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