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  1. thanks for that Nick - I will now invest a little of my pension on it Fingers crossed!!
  2. Hi Nick Do mean you installed it "yourself" or by Central You know I can be a dill when I have to do things myself - that's why I want to buy and install it via Central Yes - I realise it isn't a proper DC 9 but it fills the category as I see it in appearance and general terms and it looks like the ones I flew in 50 years ago at the same time as the 727
  3. In June - I noted that Ed announced the new relationship with TFDI and will be selling their Boeing 717 I have been looking at this aircraft for a while- as I couldn't find a suitable DC -9 for my Hangar. I hadn't bought - prior to Orbx - because I am quite nervous as to - what seems to me from their manual - a difficult Install procedure Before I stick it on My Cart ----- I assume therefore that Central will take the full process - to install this aircraft purchased via Orbx for P3D V4.5 only ?? Similarly - TFDI have not yet confirmed that it is OK for V5 - but there is a beta and a new installer required ( FS Elite Hub) Can I expect that Orbx will continue as usual with all updates as and when available Operating system: W10 /2004 Simulator: P3D4.5 - I 5 - 8G Radeon -16gRAM Screenshot: Issue:
  4. Sheesh - my memory not being what it was - I forgot the Golden Gate - that's 3 famous bridges in my lifetime but I do remember Bing Crosby in the film about the building of it
  5. Hey Gipsy - g'day from Downunder Baton Rouge - Louisiana Is that the place where "magnolia blossoms round everybody's door and the folks keep eating possum until they cant eat no more" Believe it not - for some reason I can't get that #$%^&& song out of my old brain
  6. Well done Gerold I was getting worried for a while and getting another pic ready of The freeware 727 at ESSENDON - which is the Orbx one - little a little more posh than the old airport and still a very busy GA airport To those who don't know Australia - Essendon until 1971 was the 2nd principal airport in Australia with Sydney slightly bigger. Essendon was replaced by the new Tullamarine Airport - you know as Melbourne YMML - which opened in August 1971 and built with advanced planning - to take the new Jumbo 747s. The wife - myself - and 5 kids under 11 and 14 suitcases - arrived in the first week of The new shiny - 1 terminal airport as Immigrants -so the place holds fond memories - but I find it hard to find my way around these days - on the odd trip down South The 727 was the standard internal aircraft - used by the independent airline Ansett and by the government owned T.A.A.
  7. Speaking of Age - and yardsticks - it used to be said that you knew you were getting old when policemen and the local priest started to look very Young - even if they were in their 40s/50s. Here's another - today I learned that the Brisbane Story Bridge was 80 years old - and I already knew I was older than The Sydney Harbour Bridge - that makes 2 - so I must check up on the Nipon - Clippon Auckland Bridge in the Shaky Isles - to see if I can beat that for a hat trick
  8. Another Cairns Take off - to being safe on Ground at Melbourne
  9. "Definition of Optimism" At 85 - even though I am waiting for the new X Box Series X due in November - yesterday - I bought a new 8 gig Video card for my Desk Top P.C.- to give P3D 5 a go
  10. It's just been reported reported on FS Elite - that Orbx have announced that it will be released this weekend Get your money ready - you Geordies
  11. There are two possibilities: either MSFS 2020 is as good as the YT commenters and everyone seem to believe and no one's ever going to need a scenery addon product anymore. The second possibility is that the new sim's landscape is surprisingly dull and does need scenery revampments. In this case we could have all sticked with P3D. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Lars - I doubt that there are any out there that might disagree with your 2 statements - because P3D and X plane are not going away at least I hope so.- and because MS 2020 will not be all that we actually get from the 2 current sims. Although e.g. -- ! - I will be the first to get it for my brand new X Box Series X - out in November - because it is being made for this console as well However - as an 4K - X Box One X user at present - I cannot - technically - see how we will be able to add a scenery product - or an aircraft to the X Box - where the best ones seem to be just the one decently powered single prop -1 bizjet - and 2 boring tubes - which will restrict my enjoyment of the new sim. . So - in my opinion - I will not be able to use - all the Aircraft I have in my hangar - or the huge investment in Orbx scenery - not to mention all my PC games from Steam. Again - however -- MS have distinctly stated on many occasions that on the PC version - 3rd party elements will be accommodated I leave it to someone more knowledge than I - as to how - based on the experiences in the past of tweaks and frustrations - of addons just how this might be achieved. Furthermore - I can't see why I should spend lots of dosh to upgrade my mid range PC for 2020 - when I can get all the mooted benefits of the new sim - in a console that will cost me a great deal less - than a GTX 2080 TI - not to mention an I 9 cpu - and get all the sim in 4K /8K I haven't yet installed P3D V5 - because I have it running well - my attitude is - if it doesn't break - don't fix it! - but that aside - as a resolution fanatic who just loves 4K HDR 10 - where P3D4 - or XP - doesn't perform well - I am interested in the DX 12 side to version P3D V5 - since many positive comments are made in the vision aspect - ( I just wish - people would state what resolution their monitor is at when they show screen shots) Now that H2 is out - I will be installing it on a separate disc using my better Aircraft - and using the retained V4 - for my aircraft that won't work in V5 I will drop FSX Steam which is useless in 4K - because my most of my older aircraft versions - also work in V4. That said - I will still be using MY PC for "legacy" flight simming and PC Games pass - which will include a simplified 2020 - and will be using my new X Box - for all the bells and whistles - of MS 2020 - or whatever it is called - for my monthly games pass - as I do at the moment If I have to pay $A 89 for a separate version --- and a new 2020 joy stick/yoke --- so be it!!
  12. Hey Ian - Old Mate Does this mean you are back in Harness again??? - how do you feel ?? - you obviously got thro' the lockdowns In my case - it meant that the missus didn't moan a lot when she had to go out shopping - on the basis of the warning for the over 80s - and all I did all day - was flying aeroplanes - without conscience. I actually had my first haircut for 8 weeks last week - and today I went to the library - by appointment to pick up 5 reserves which were available 3 months ago. Only one person working at a desk just inside the door - and the books already for me which means I can put my Kindle back in the drawer You must be missing the Library !! Have you still got the "Harley" John
  13. Wow Thanks to both of you - and now I feel a right dill I have had the A/NZ package installed for months - and all my slides to the left Thanks to you I now have all my slides to the right - and will never feel lonely again at Our Oceana airports on Orbx - - and in looking for this - I see also have the same for the US - so maybe I might start using my US regionals and see what happens there
  14. I am the same - and I haven't quite worked out the answer someone kindly gave me the other day https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=2 I have just found out that I have the ability to have many aircraft around me at an airport - and I have had this Orbx freebie installed for over a year and apparently SODE works all the gubbins - so something else to learn You hinted that you might have got your freebie A380 from the same place as I have Try their B787 and the old B727 - I am having many hours long runs in the B787 - until I can afford the better payware - and the old 727 to reprise many flights around OZ from the 70s
  15. HI BS 2 questions and a statement ? The statement first --- you will not be alone in this from the probable point of view - of a lot of current PC simmers - I can't speak for the other X box users or simmers - but my new X Box Series X - is on the wish list of a few suppliers. Regarding the 2 questions - to add to Nick's statement of suitable announcements - might I suggest that somehow - you get hold of a copy of the magazine P.C. Pilot - issue 127 - (a UK publication) - in which - nearly all Orbx senior management - took part in a Q+A session following the Orbx board meeting in February - where the future plans were discussed - and commented on in the article. Having read the article a few times - I can probably summarise the answers to your questions as Orbx are looking forward to the advent of MS "2020" which presents a challenge - and opportunity - for companies like them. They didn't actually say that they were involved - for obvious reasons - but outlined plans for large expansion - especially in their UK studio!! . There are many other statements made by all the senior execs - that indicate that Oryx is going to continue to expand a service for 2 of the current Sims - and we will have an Orbx for a long time to come. !! I do recommend that all of you out there - who constantly worry over the same questions - get hold of the article - because obviously - although I would love to add a screen shot of the article to this - certain laws forbid it
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