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  1. I know I placed a thread on the MSFS discussion page with this title - but I think in the interest of all our simmers - other General participants on this forum might just be interested in what is going on in the freeware aircraft scene - namely a helicopter that MS/Asobo said unlikely to be on this sim before 22 I have never been a helicopter aficionado - but this one has me going flat out. Now - I can fly an aircraft of sorts to an airport any where --- and then chopper my way around the local scenery Stand by - Orbx Cityscapes THIS is Simulation
  2. It was my transition from the Arrow - and in itself - my transition to the 300R - ie - Saratoga 1 - which led to the twin Seneca - all which I still fly - albeit in P3D
  3. If it's as good as the current Orbx Gold Coast - that will be nice ++++1 But - and don't forget the Gold Coast Cityscape upgrade --- MSFS is 8 years old
  4. Now that is good news - your Kalgoorlie -for West Oz - is brilliant - and my G/Daughter who lives near the airport - Agrees!!
  5. The Cherokee PA 32 6 300 would have to be top of my list - since I owned one See my avatar makes me wonder why Roger placed it in this list ??????
  6. That's what I say to "her indoors" - when we discuss bathroom techniques
  7. Did what you suggested - and - Bingo - just flew my Seminole again BIG thanks!!!!!!
  8. On the first of Jan 1953 - this tall - dark haired - slim female - offered me an Apple
  9. Last month I purchased a Carenado Seminole from MS marketplace and flew it a few times Yesterday - I saw an upgrade was due and carried it out - but although it is listed - version 5.0 - as installed - and owned - and up to date - It does not show in the list of aircraft when you choose which one to fly Any ideas folks ????? - before I have to go thro MS support and all that entails
  10. Might as well put in my 2 cents worth - and I totally agree with Anthony - except that I would add the Cityscape to my request because that's my home town and airport Since UK was upgraded - I have actually started to try out MSFS and since I spent some 35 years of my life there - I am Familiar with the country and find that MSFS isn't all that bad for a GA /VFR bloke However - Asobo's view of Australia is atrocious - and the Gold coast area is at least 7 years old My house is a building site - and I've lived in it for 7 years - It's 4 years since we had the C
  11. It was supposed to be Joke - note the wink !!!!! Someone else thought so
  12. Same meeting - "Lets put this story up on April One" "Nah' - they won't believe us and inundate us more of the 35,189 CTD sites and let's just remember the Orbx Motto" "You can satisfy some of the people some of the time - some of the people none of the time - But - none of the people - All of the time" and then again - NiIl illigitimum simulatus Pilatus Carborundum
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