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  1. I don't think I said it was a Microsoft poll - but in any case - it was a poll - with interesting results This was placed by me on a "Public - General Discussion Forum" for interest sake of those who may wish to discuss it or just take note of some salient pointers as to what the future may hold in our flight sim world - a world that I have been in since the FS in Commodore 64 that MS took over. For what it's worth - here's my take on the results - of a poll taken from "Microsoft Insiders" - ( a list known only to Microsoft )?? A Guess?? - Microsoft have stressed that they want the opinion of 3rd party suppliers - REX is a major 3rd party supplier and why shouldn't they take a poll - its in their interest also - (I'll bet JV is not ignoring it). Someone questioned the provenance of a sample of 640 participants. In terms of a marketing analysis (based for arguments sake on the users of Orbx - I read somewhere a fig.of 64 K) -- a sample of 1% is a little small - 2% would be better - but we don't know the membership of MS Insiders!! I am an avid Orbx user - ever since we installed Vos 1 - and still have the receipts to prove it - and no other add-ons - so why should'nt - I /We examine a poll of FS enthusiasts - (MS insiders by application) - to see where our beloved Orbx stands in the future of - let's face it - the possible predominant Flight Sim. MS have kicked Dovetail into touch - but retain the relationship with Steam - who are marketing the new sim referred to in this forum 2 days ago Microsoft already have the subscription game process already in operation in Xbox - (I subscribe $10 per month for the use of 100 games) - and now they are starting to offer the same games on a PC with W10. The new sim will be on X-Box as well with Thrustmaster controller They probably know how the DLC Gameplay works as well as the Russians with their warfare games and purchasing add ons -(3rd party) Lets face it - we already purchase a basic Sim - and then buy an inordinate amount of aircraft and scenery add-ons One noticeable result of the poll was the emphasis on aircraft quality - way ahead of the importance of scenery and airports - which probably shows that we are into FS for the accuracy of flying - - controls and instruments - navigation - and the element of air traffic control - just as some of us were taught to fly real aircraft - hopefully more safely than we are on a the Sim. (My grand children fly around on Google maps without a sim) Microsoft can eat up the Carenados - Albeos - and yes - even Just Flight - at the drop of a hat full of $s - to carry out their DLC policies. to satisfy this particular result. Now to scenery - MS has been working with someone in the past few months. The screen shots - and video clips on the website - indicate a working relationship with someone --- indicated by the quality of the "Clouds" - and "Photoreal" scenery. I cant pick the geo position of one video flying over a city - to compare it with a Sat pic but it is very much a "BING" pic - since Google have stuffed up theirs with the 3 D effort. MS own Bing and have a nose in the geosats needed for Bing. We may hazard a guess as to where the basis of MSFX scenery might very well come from. We have already read elsewhere the idea put forward that our scenery will actually be used in real time - i.e. a base Sim install - and internet stream from somebody's cloud. I noted 2 days ago - a comment in this forum with regard to a new sim using VR - with the scenery -probably Bing - being used in realtime by this new sim company - who is owned by we know not??. I am surprised that more comments were not made on the subject. (I am not buying a 4 T SSd just yet - although to use UK TE @ 300gb + - I am in the market for a 1 T SSD) Whoops!!! - did I mention VR??? A fortunate few of you simmers already own computers with all the bells and whistles - and we who really want to be in the sharp end of FS - which I suggest is where MS is offering an alternative way to fly in a simulated environment - will just have to get into the wallet. I9 overclocked and 2080 will only be the min entry - an we can bet Samsung etc are already noting this potential and maybe working with MS to produce a VR unit for X-box - for MS to catch up with PS4 in the VR area. Ok1 - enoughs enough - that's my take on this poll that some might wish ignore - Personally - @ 84 YO - this simmer will be very lucky to try all this out - and if time is not the essence - then the depth of my pocket will surely be John
  2. This is where I got the info to start this thread and MY source https://digitalflightwire.com/rex-simulations-microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-survey-results/ I thought this was considered a reputable software company - (even JV uses it) and that it might be of some use to the members of this Forum - and presented in The General Discussion for what it might - or might not be worth. Maybe when Microsoft comes on air today - the 22nd with their latest update maybe a little clearer Quite honestly - as a marketing man from way back - these are exactly the questions MS should be asking - and the sample number is reasonable as a quick measure of the temperature out there - and exactly as I would have answered them. The question on paying a fee as opposed to downloads is typical a MS X- Box approach to subscription gaming If the powers that be wish to change the title - then please do so
  3. Thanks Craig(?) any chance of a screen shot - before I try to commit my pension allowance
  4. tried to download Flyinside - but it looks as if I could get VR only in P3D4 64 bit Have viewed a video screen shot from insider MS2020 web page - that would indicate a very good Photo Real city scene - but I couldn't pick the locale to check Bing
  5. I came across this MS survey and it makes some interesting findings in a fair Marketing sample https://forms.office.com/Pages/AnalysisPage.aspx?id=5PDm-Xzh602JiRd9URMT-D4d8mhNOBVJvyJ_LE9U175UODNCQzhLWUNLUkdKVDVFMURERlZJTElUTS4u&AnalyzerToken=Thui4ELjCJumDtUHu5HIaijMLnm0YP95 maybe someone can point a better way to view?? (Somehow not surprised at the prority for airports - despite all the wailing on here the last few weeks!)
  6. Very Interesting Indeed !! Microsoft have finally woke up to the bad decision a few years ago by dropping MSFX from it's product line and it's support - and most of it's team porting across to Lockheed for PD3R - and Dovetail/Steam to carry on the marketing of the Worlds favourite sim. Last week Microsoft announced the cancellation of Dovetail rights to continue - in view of their planned MSFZ2020 Recently - JV joined a discussion on MSFS2020 - particularly the possibility of ORBX involvement - and MS stating that they were wanting outside companies to be involved. In view of the very obvious position in the scenery world - we 1000's of ORBX users will salivate at the thought of a new simulator from MS using the TE technology shown to us in TE south - but John - quite rightly - declined to comment on such an eventuality for obvious reasons In the last week I have made quite a number of flights and covered all over PR3D - TE UK South - and made many comparisons to Google Earth along the way - and it was very obvious where TE came from - and ORBX have done a very good job. As an expat Northerner - I've had a very good look at the XP version TE North - and very tempted to jump to XP just to fly the ORBX XP version of TE UK. (I just love the screen shots of Blackpool and Liverpool - BTW !!) - but the Bank balance cries out that I wait for September/October? - for TE for P3D4 All were VFR flights - and I use Google Earth Sat as my flight plan map (NTAS AIM airports) and draw the flight line on the GE and use it for ref during the flight - just as if I was using a WAC Chart. All the time I kept thinking - I wish I was using Bing Sat map instead - because it is so much clearer in 4K - especially since Google resorted to 3D when zoomed in but I can't find a method of easily drawing the flight line on Bing It should be pretty obvious to us that MSFX 2020 scenery etc will be a very close match to the ORBX TE system - but based on BING - since Bing is owned by Microsoft - Q.E.D> Meanwhile thankyou for you description - and I might just download your suggestion on my new empty HDD - well away from my PR3D disc
  7. I cant remember how many times I have landed on that strip during Fly-aways from The Royal Vic Aero Club in the early 70s. I used to have a mate who was the mayor at one time.
  8. Just a point ?? Does the Home version allow 64bit - which will be needed - I think - for P3D 4.5h There is a massive difference in use of memory between 32 and 64 bits
  9. haven't known you long Jack -- but I also offer my Birthday wishes to you you almost shared your Birthday with my eldest 60 yo BTW - has anyone remarked upon you resemblance to Nick Cooper
  10. mmm??? Macca - maybe you picked up the wrong specs @specsavers The Answer is in Iain's signature - circa $500 ? - too big for your pension and look at the rest of his spec. Nice one Iain ! We will just have to concentrate on flying the beasties - and ignore the scenery!
  11. Thanks Ian A great deal of info that I am sure will be useful for all It's way passed my bedtime - so I will wait until tomorrow to try to see if your settings might improve my efforts (which I thought were'nt too bad after I had switched to PD4.5h1from Steam SFX) I see you have the buildings - which might have to wait a week or 2 until my O.A.Pension catches up - but I have the 3 others Your slides sure are maxed out - My box wont cope with those I don't think but will give it a go
  12. I live here as well but I cant get my shots like that - especially the first one Is this with the Buildings add-on? and what are your sliders please
  13. A couple of numbers to up date ----- at around 12noon - Queensland time - from wo to go IE from credit card to finish in Central - Download - un packing - scanning and Installing - 63mins at around 4.5 MBs then another 1/2 hour tidying up the bits and pieces in the guide -- for my new PD3 4.5 Then a quick Take off from Moorabbin to have a look at Melbourne - and afternoon tea at 2.0pm Well done Orbx crew - my fears were ground less
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