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  1. A visit to FS Elite would not go amiss to glean a little more info from an interview with a High member of the V5 team - plus some LM released 4K UHD screen shots.
  2. Maybe the peops on Avsim got out of bed earlier it seems - with a feeding frenzy over there. Speculation - questions - upgrades - new addons - comparisons - more GPUs needed with DX 12 the list is endless - and 6 pages already !! I came back to flight simming 10 months ago - and was surprised to see the big changes after an absence of 12 years - especially in the Orbx world - and various aircraft - and my computer would need a massive upgrade. I did what I could afford with the beast - and for 10 months I have waded through heartache after heartache with this all consuming "hobby" - to the detriment of everything else - in the simming /games world to what I think that - with P3D4.5 and Orbx - I hope I have finally reached the objective of a reasonable hobby - with FSX in the background for pre 70s aircraft. I don't need this - potentially new heartache - because it is a distinct possibility that history will repeat itself with this upgraded (?) sim P3D V5 - possible new or upgraded Sceneries and Aircraft - ( chaseplane will be free a upgrade) - and I cannot afford to spend anymore money on add-ons - nor the hassle to install them Last week I finalised all the possible Orbx scenery I could ever want - (around70 items ) - and bought the last Aircraft for my Hangar - which contains only GA Aircraft up to 2 biz - jets - and I am not interested in Wide bodies - or the beautiful AI airports needed to house them. I have XP11 - but I only bought it because it had the Orbx TE Britain package - and it couldn't cope with my 4K HRD set up - and the new Vulcan can beat it's chest for ever as far as I am concerned Should P3D v5 prove to be a much better sim than current - and cheap enough - I will think about adding the sim to a spare 2TB HDD and just playing with the aircraft designed by LM for the sim. All this is more than enough to keep an old coot somewhat happy until the biggy MS 2020 arrives on the X box - and all my pennies will be saved for that
  3. Well---- tha 'd better go t't specsavers - theyl ava "beta" - --- at 2 purrs fer wonn
  4. Whoah old fruit I am 85 and sure am hoping its not my last decade and looking forward to the 90s although I'm not sure I'll make MS2030 That is - unless they come out with a brail version
  5. Derek I thought to ask - " did it come with a Checklist" -?? Then I noticed The Date A quote comes to mind - "Many a True Word spoken in Jest" or - another - "no FOOL like an OLD fool or - When all else fails - read the B#$%^& Instructions
  6. Hello Nick Bingo- an Improvement on the first you will agree I tried the Capetown area but it was raining there as well I took the second step !! Thanks for your help
  7. Sometime ago I asked what was the difference between these 2 addons - and why Carenado specifies F1 for P3D and Reality for XP11 - I didn't really get an answer as to why - but I gleaned that there was little or no difference - and Reality was probably "the Better" of the 2. I now feel the time has come to introduce a little pizzazz into my flying - (the P3D flight Planning is useless) and since I only want the 750 - and Flight 1 insists on selling a package -750 with 650 - and I can only afford one Yesterday I bought the 750 from Realty web site for P3D V4 What surprised me - was that The purchase and payment and downloads were via some Flight 1 system and now I am puzzled by that relationship Is the item the same i.e. flight1GTN 750 the exact same as the realty 750?? - and the same developer - selling thro Flight1 Shop?? Curioser and curioser
  8. I wonder why I feel thirsty ?? Good shooting !!
  9. For Nearly 50 years - Real and simulation - I have been flying prop Singles and Twins - Normal aspiration and in the last 12 months a number of Coranado's Turbo Props - I have never had an interest in the so called Heavies I have no knowledge - yet? - of Flying - beyond VFR - and cheating at Instrument flying in VFR Quite a few times I have considered what it would be like to fly (simulate) a small Biz Jet. I actually sat in the first Citation Biz Jet in Australia - 1974? - at Moorabbin. It really didn't seem all that different to my Seneca - a bit wider that's all Around 2 weeks ago - Carenado had one of these stay at home sales - and 2 of the a/c s on offer were a Citation 525 PJ2 twin - and a Dasault Falcon 50X - 3 engine - so for 30 something Bucks - I got both and since then have been scouring the internet on how to Simulate flying the Hi- Lo flight routes - ( without the ATC - at the moment) What's this got to do with MS 2020??? - Well anyone who has been watching the discovery series and seen the Aircraft that MS have used and will be "Including???" in the sim - will have notice the PJ 4 Citation in the videos - and that increased my salivation. There has been no mention other that PDMG who will be supplying the actual Sim A/Cs from the listed manufacturers - but in this case there is a sim of the PJ4 on sale now - but it is definitely not the one in the video. So for the benefit of those who will grab at this in the 2020 - I turned up this "WoW' brochure of the Real thing https://cessna.txtav.com/-/media/cessna/files/citation/cj4/cj4_brochure.ashx
  10. Another Thought - is it possible just to verify that file of120 items - should it be 154 - 34 missing in verify- or if not - and it is considered the culprit - delete this one - and repaste a correct zip file or uninstall the Africa bits and pieces - especially the User/central file and try to get Central refreshed and try to install Africa again ??
  11. This will add strength to the points made by Renault and myself above on Graphics and Sims quality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjgBrfxhXOs&feature=emb_rel_end Just ignore the part about PS5 and concentrate on the X Box Series X - the specs thereof - and compare the $500 cost of the console with what it will cost to build a comparison spec PC Just add MS 2020 - a new Yoke - and a 43" 4K/8K for simming Nirvana
  12. Hi Derek Just came across the latest quality video on the difference between PS5 and X BOX in total Note the first descriptions of the AMD as I described earlier Also take note of the whole specs and compare them with your PC now - work out how much it will cost you to match your PC - to the new X Box Series X - and will it do 4Kx120 FPS/ 8Kx60FPS - and cost a lot less than your new Washer and you have time until Nov to save up the 400 quid - but you will need a new bit of hardware - (Flight Yoke) for 2020 and a new large 4K/8K large TV as a monitor MS 2020 will be the icing on the Spec! Keep the present PC for all the usual PC things - and in your old age - enjoy the new sim and brilliant games - I love the F1 racing and the road racing in the Lake District in Forza 4
  13. There's 120 of them in the Zip Is there any way in which Central can ignore all that has gone before - and do a NEW install -----Say to the library method bypassing what is set in P3D OR how can I clean out all the stuff in P3D by uninstall - which I did try -unsuccessfully it seems bedtime well past I leave it all with your goodself over your weekend - or if ED goes to work tomorrow in Essendon and he sees all this - maybe he's trapped at home like we are in Queensland.
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