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  1. Sorry Mate - I suggest that you do read things clearly and not get your self into confusion No I am not a rep or anything to do with the company - I just use my Marketing logic - right or Wrong ! I thought I had made it very clear that I am in the same "Situation ' as you - and said this - ''I too have an Alpha Yoke - and also a Bravo unit on order -and paid for - and you don't see me worrying - because I will also order the Charlie Pedals when they are released" -- and It's all too far away to lose any hair over it - and as I said -
  2. @B12 Where on Earth did you get - "but this potential news my early Honeycomb yoke won't work with it" I strongly suggest that you yourself read the URL that I gave above - which is clearer than FSElite - and read it carefully- making your own view of it's contents. Nowhere does it say what you wrote!! - or thought what you thought you saw - especially the description of the mods to Alpha https://www.key.aero/article/honeycomb-announces-xbox-support I too have an Alpha Yoke - and also a Bravo unit on order -and paid for - and you don'
  3. Hi Again Mark Whoops - I only use Wifi accessories when using X Box - ( my House TV and X Box are well away from Me and the WI FI X Box controller) - so I need to use a Windows X Box WI FI Hub - which is then connected to the PC by USB. I am assuming what the article refers to as a "Honeycombe X Box Hub @ $30" will be something simliar ""Please note, the old Alpha yoke will be discontinued. According to Nicki Repenning, CEO of Honeycomb Aeronautical, the updates to the yoke are mostly internal for adding Xbox Series X|S compatibility""
  4. HI Mark I read it this way --- yes - the current Alpha will stop in favour of a new (mk2) Alpha that is the just same as the old one - with just a few Mods to enable it to plug straight into an X Box - and have a "Quiet X Logo-- but it will still serve PCs - so A1 or A2 for both PC and X Box I would expect that the same will happen to Bravo and Charlie - because it makes sense not to duplicate aps - but have them available to both PC and Console in view of the potential High Market for the X Box as well as the Current PC The existing Alpha for PC - and the B
  5. there are better pictures and description of both sets of Hardware for PC and X Box https://www.key.aero/article/honeycomb-announces-xbox-support
  6. My Mail above about the new Honeycombe Hardware for X Box Series X - only leads me even more to my queries around Orbx plans for the sim on this console. MSFS produced 1 Million downloads in the first month - how will that compare to the volume of new X Boxes in the Market?? - Only Orbx knows what effect this sim has produced on its own market with the apparent success of London and Sydney scenery and partnership participations. Contemplate what the market might be around - if the new X box Sim - will run on the current 4K HDR 10 - X Box one X ????
  7. As I forecast a few weeks ago - Honeycombe have released details of their new Hardware for the X Box Series X consisting of Flight stick - Throttle controls - and Pedals - which - seemingly - work with both PC and X Box Details are on FS Elite - but the photos are useless. The other good news is that the current Alpha Yoke and the new Bravo throttles can be used with the X Box using a special bought X Box Hub No word yet on the sim for X Box yet - but the release info shows that we will need to wait for the hardware into the middle of 2021 which wil
  8. Thanks Smudger and you Jon. The post about the Thames might be the one - because in those early days of Aug - pre Orbx addon - a big example was sinking of the HMS Belfast just beyond the Tower Bridge However the solution applies only to that particular addon etc I raise the point only because I see so many areas where water based items are just - SUNK especially Marinas - see Portsmouth - the 3 Piers at Blackpool -and my own backyard - A major marinas and Jetties in our Broadwater - IE the water at shorelines is shown as if the vectors are
  9. Somewhere in the last 2 months - I THINK I saw a fix to this problem -- ???? I haven't used MSFS much as yet - but on the few occasions that I have where water is involved boats - Marinas and jetties are all just under water as if Bing took all it's pics at King tides.
  10. Many congratulations -Old Chap- you are just 2 up on me. Here's hoping we both will still be around when MSXX - "WAKES" - up to AI vessels
  11. Nick -- thanks for that - I have actually now downloaded the PDF and will spend time to study it As an ex early Marketing graduate (50 years ago) - I believe Market Research is the most important part of the Marketing skills but somehow I missed the survey - probably thinking it was only for Navigraph users - but now I know it will be around again next year - and I will take part ---- if only to boost the numbers of over 85s
  12. In the survey - I didn't tick the MSFS - because I am disappointed with it - mainly because in my usage - it doesn't look like a lot of the blurb we saw for the 12 months - before launch - and I dislike the method of trying to set up the aircraft controls for the default Aircraft - (except the 150) - which stay constant. To satisfy myself as to Michael's test in Africa - I recently took a p3D 5 OLC Orbx Africa flight from Cairo to Mombassa via Killamanjaro and a few snapshots made. I flew the FA 50 biz jet at 8000' To-day - I fired up MSFS for the fir
  13. Managing Director of an International Company with free international travel - anytime - anywhere Qantas Loved me !!!
  14. Gosh !! -Thanks for that very interesting comparison. Just shows to me how good Orbx TE is to we who use P3D and X Plane
  15. An interesting line in the latest MS blog under the heading top Wishes item 7 - 523 votes - description - "Direct X 12" - status - "started' - release - "TBA( with X Box Launch)" Not being a a total IT bloke - this leads to my asking some "leading" questions - especially my well known interest in X Box matters -- and the approaching new X box series X in 3 weeks - i.e. "X Box Launch" - and I have often wondered how the direct X 12 - X Box Sim -will differ from the the Direct X 11 used at the moment ??. - will the current Sim be patched in someway. It lo
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