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  1. Just in case one hasn't yet caught up with this Orbx latest since JV.s earlier on this famous USA Hotspot you might want to take a wander to the section on New releases Video of TE Florida/Miami - or should I say - pre release HD Alpha - TE XP 11 - I was gobsmacked back in June when MS 2020 hit the waves - and I am gobsmacked again Well done Orbx - I just wish we could have it this good for our Twin city of the Gold Coast Americans can only be pleased with this rendering by John Lovell and they Must have plastic ready - (and in Australian Dollars - good for our export market) To save you searching - go straight to Johns. Video in "preview videos" or its on U tube https://youtu.be/15n-tusarE4
  2. Hangar Chat The answer to my question is that $100 of my pension is not worth it - to look nice in the cockpit 550and 450 and albeo 600 will do me without the FP section I'll simulate proper - and stick to how I was Taught - Pencil - Chart (google earth /sky vector) - Protractor and calculator I/m only doing VFR - non -instrument anyway ---- well ! - on NDB / VOR as well Thanks for your help
  3. I took his advice and went to Avsim and got a few replies there that might just interest you - same heading It was curiosity that led me to the question since iy was a subject that didn't seem to come up in GA thinking The other reason was that the flight planner in P3D sucks - it very old FSX and almost Useless. Thanks for your advice BTW - the fish and chips down on the "Jetty" at your place brill !!! - My daughter lives in Grafton and we often travel down to your place
  4. Hi nick Will do!1 Before I put it up I did confirm - to myself - under the term - "general discussion" - after I looked to see if we had a section on hardware etc and with 70000 members - I thought I would get a hit - but wilco.
  5. I have a number of Albeo and Carenado A/C that use the term as per title - all later models. (Actually - they do not mention 650 - but Flight1 website now states that both are offered for the one price and are not separated). I assume that many on here are using this addon -- and I've seen a few videos for GTN750 -and it looks useful but is it worth nearly $A100 . Most of the videos are American in use and other parts of the world are not seen - EG Oceana - Europe - or SE Asia all of which are base scenery in P3D boosted by Orbx global and LCs. I would love to see the flight planning in these areas especially since they say the whole world and its airports are mapped and IFR detailed etc What problems - if any - have surfaced during installation - particularly in P3D since they make a big thing about being for 4.51 hotfix
  6. No worries TMP mate about such a tiny thing - at the time - I was too worried about what I was about to learn in my eye tests today. And all after my spending a mint on Orbx and new A/c this year and a cop upgrade. I assume that you too - are a proud owner of the latest Ant Tiger Moth.
  7. EU England is a fairly old programme -originally 2012 with 6 upgrades - but is significantly better than basic P3D. but it only covers England - not Wales or Scotland - you would have to purchase all 3 to get the coverage of the TE Britain Package . To do this - you will be paying around the same $ amount as the full TE Britain Package - which is so much better - especially in the included airports - and scenery, - but if you want full designed airports you will still have to go payware Note that EU England does go to the border with Scotland - Whereas - Britain TE South only rises as far as the approx. midlands A good read - in Orbx Central - of what is on offer - will pay dividends. It is not clear as to whether one needs Orbx Global or not.
  8. @MP --- you are correct - I apologise! I must have had the Steam SFX page on at that time It is not on P3D page - It used to be months ago but when I went to buy it Central 3 said I already had it - and a subsequent forum query said it was no longer for sale Maybe - Orbx has pulled it out from the filing cabinet - but it will have to wait as far as I am concerned I spent to much of my pension on the Xmas -NY sale
  9. It was meant as a cricket joke to be shared with my Kiwi mate -not a reason to be used as an intellectual lesson in poetry! I am fully aware of the whole poem you so kindly passed on - having been the Patrol Leader of "Tiger Patrol" in my youth - and It should have been written by Kipling
  10. Just to clarify ------ P3D on the left - ----- XP on the right - Both are at 12 o'clock on Woolworths" Tower proving scenes are same models as John says I repeat - I bought all six of this edition of Britain TE and love them all - especially Lancashire!!!
  11. It's nice to be able to talk to the boss Cockie - now and again and just love the smiley -------I would have called it - nit picking I am on record - else where in this forum - as to how much I love both TEs - XP and P3d - since I have Bought both of them - and Yes! - I have made silent comparisons exactly as you invited -when you were announcing the new TE Britain - South . As to looking for flaws - Naahhh! - some people - look for their house - as did the OP - I just looked for the symbol of my home town - that I use to see every day from my bedroom window -since our house was just to the right of these pics Enjoy your return to Essendon John - I have memories of practising primary airport area entrances there
  12. Now that you have gone home - The Yanks and Kanaks have arrived in plane loads Hold that Tiger - 5/55 - and speaking of Tigers - Tiger - Tiger - burning bright - in the forest of the big trees - (apologies to Rudyard)
  13. MP - it is just that ------ see Central/aircraft - $40 bucks Aussie
  14. In the midst of all our joint disasters here in Australia - the massive drought - that brought on the Bushfires it was good of you Mate - to give fellow Aussie Flight Simmers - and to show all the others in the World - A touch of Ozzie humour!!
  15. This is XP11 Central vbersion of my earlier shop The Tower is far superior and take a look at Renaults screenshots
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