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  1. Any news on this ? Or have Gaya simply given up on Edinburgh ? ... @Raz Goeta
  2. I managed to remove the default jetways and add in some with GSX along with safedocks. I'll be sure to share this evening.
  3. After doing some further testing this evening I managed to turn off the moving people and all 3D cars by changing the BGL’s with “car” and “PF” to .OFF extensions. This resulted in a fair increase in frames however my issue with EU Scotland still stands. However, what’s more worrying is that I also seem to have a 60-70% drop in frames when using any PBR aircraft on the concrete aprons. Specifically around stand 4 down to 1A and in the newly constructed area at stand 16. I’m very happy with performance on the asphalt taxiways and main runways where I’m consistently above 35fps
  4. I too was experiencing poor frames. I have global and FTX Scotland installed. last night I turned off Scotland in the scenery library and there was a dramatic improvement. However, loaded up the sim today and I was back to experiencing a drop in frames. Turned on FTX Scotland and boom... performance was back to being what I would expect. Could there be something conflicting with FTX Scotland causing these issues ?
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