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  1. Any news on this ? Or have Gaya simply given up on Edinburgh ? ... @Raz Goeta
  2. I managed to remove the default jetways and add in some with GSX along with safedocks. I'll be sure to share this evening.
  3. It's looking like I'll have to do the same - shame really as I was looking forward to this one ever since it was announced. Just doesn't feel finished or optimised at all.
  4. Not sure if the below has already been mentioned in the various topics and posts. Stand 4 is unusable in the AFCAD with A4 being in use (no issue here) however the Jetway remains in position for stand 4 being used which results in the wing of any aircraft clipping the Jetway before reaching the stop line. The jetway should be positioned in the circle closest to the terminal building. The runway also looks very strange and flickers uncontrollably when illuminated with landing lights at night. The 14fps also seems pretty low compared to performance at other airport
  5. Would you be able to share this GSX file for us when you get the chance ? Would be very appreciated !
  6. After doing some further testing this evening I managed to turn off the moving people and all 3D cars by changing the BGL’s with “car” and “PF” to .OFF extensions. This resulted in a fair increase in frames however my issue with EU Scotland still stands. However, what’s more worrying is that I also seem to have a 60-70% drop in frames when using any PBR aircraft on the concrete aprons. Specifically around stand 4 down to 1A and in the newly constructed area at stand 16. I’m very happy with performance on the asphalt taxiways and main runways where I’m consistently above 35fps
  7. I too was experiencing poor frames. I have global and FTX Scotland installed. last night I turned off Scotland in the scenery library and there was a dramatic improvement. However, loaded up the sim today and I was back to experiencing a drop in frames. Turned on FTX Scotland and boom... performance was back to being what I would expect. Could there be something conflicting with FTX Scotland causing these issues ?
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