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  1. I was a little worried Orbx would stop developing scenery for X plane.....because of the giant MSFS market potential ...so I am happy with this scenery and state my plea: PLEASE PLEASE keep the great stuff coming for X planers as well THANX
  2. I tried to install Canary Islands with Orbx central but I get an error message files failed to extract...... rerunning the installer does not help and also verify files does not change anything
  3. Everything seems to be intertwined in the Simwings Aerosoft Ibiza folder...you cannot simply erase the orthophotoos .....it does not work
  4. It would be great if you get Aerosoft to addapt the airport files and maybe create a seperate "only airport" folder....mmmmm....besides that:Pilot plus has an outdated version of LEIB airport........ I wonder if they will update that now? (like they did with Bristol airport)
  5. Tony ,Could you tell what the TE airports package is.....I deleted it and still I had typical Orbx buildings mingling with Aerosoft buildings at the airport??
  6. Thanks everybody for response.....I now have a mixture of Aerosoft Ibiza with Orbx Ibiza...the other isIands dont have this issue of course ,because Aerosoft only covers Ibiza Island ......I wouldn t know what is what in the eventual appearance of the whole island......but it looks good....I created exclusion zones for facades at the airport so the Orbx airport peeping through is gone now.
  7. I was very happy to see ,that Ibiza Mallorca and Menorca were released yesterday.......I tried to install it with 3rd party airports on top ...for instance Aerosoft Ibiza ,but Orbx buildings are peeping through underneath the Aerosoft airport buildings.....is there a way I can solve this?.....b t w there was a folder”Airports”in the Orbx package,which I deleted .....but maybe those are no airports but exclusion zones to put airports on top???? I had the same issue with Great Britain a year ago but Orbx fixed that later on.Thanx for any suggestions. Jan Kin Amsterdam
  8. Hello I am a new user of Orbx in X-plane.....Since I have Orbx scenery in my custom scenery folder i find a second ini file called"scenery Orbx back up packs ini" or something....why is it there and does it mean i have to delete the original X-plane other scenery_packs.ini folder Any advise is welcome Thank you so much
  9. Hi I am very new to ORBX in X-plane 11 and i must say I am pleased with the new dimension this scenery is giving... With the installer you can choose to install in the X-plane base folder or to an ORBX libraries location ....I haven t found on my computer what location on my harddrive ORBX CENTRAL will create if you choose for the (centra)l libraries option.... thanks
  10. Thanks for yr reply...as you can see I am completely new to Orbx stuff..the day before I installed GB south without problems so it can t be system requirements,that will cause this..............I”ll try the recommend troubleshooting
  11. Can anyone shine a light on why I get 'communication error " constantly in ORBX central installer when I try to install scenery that I bought thank you so much
  12. Hi.... I direct my question to you,because you answer a lot of these posts here.....here is my question...I had very little problems with the FTX central installer,when I first started buying ORBX scenery for X plane 11.....now it is obvious to me,that ORBX central is the new standard and I am now using that to install new scenery....first thing I noticed is ,that it seems to automatically write an Orbx backup ini.file in custom scenery, so now I have 2 ini files anytime I change something.why is this....could you shine a light on this? thank you
  13. hi I am a great X plane lover for a while now..I never did FSX or Prepar because I always recognized the X plane future potential ....never understood why the other sims had such better develooped scenery.so I was extremely happy to buy ORBX true earth GB along with all GB ORBX airports ,just to find that ORBX does not welcome third party airports.I have Pilot Plus EGKK and it is scattered with weird style ORBX buildings. The reason for this is I thought and here is my question...... :ORBX will create GB airports like EGKK for X plane in the future? thnx looking out to t
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