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  1. My back yard. I live about 30 minutes from the airport. Really looking forward to the scenery. Danny
  2. 68 here. Life is good after back fusion. Too many hobbies to counts. Enjoy them all. Danny
  3. Success. Verification of the Orbx Library resolved the issue. Thanks, Danny
  4. I have attached three pictures. Left picture is OLC NA and PNW active. Center is OLC NA & PNW deactivated. Right is OLC NA deactivated PNW active. As you can see if either of the OLC NA or PNW are active I loose scenery around KOLM. I'll verify the Orbx libraries next. Danny add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg
  5. FTXC3? I don't have FTXC3 installed. I am using Orbx Central. ObjectFlow2 is enabled. Danny
  6. What caused me to find this out was I am having display trouble at KOLM. When PNW and Global NA are active I loose all of the trees and building around the airport. The airport buildings are there and the airport layout is fine. I can cause this to repeat by activating or deactivating either PNW or Global NA. With both deactivated the buildings and trees around the outside of the airport are fine. Very odd. Danny
  7. Yeah. I figured that was the correct location. I will verify files for PNW and CRM. That should cleanup and odds files. Danny
  8. KOLM bgls are present in CRM and in PNW scenery. The KOLM bgls in both sceneries are dated 02/12/2014. Is that correct? If not, which one should have the KOLM bgls? I am guessing PNW. Danny
  9. We'll get our turn again in time. There was a time not long ago where P3D was the focus and XP received very little. I am just excited to see TE development expanding and am eagerly waiting for P3D's turn. Danny
  10. I fly helicopters, therefore, I am low and slow. I have no problem with scenery size if the resolution/detail is high. I understand that my type of simming is not in the majority. Scenery that looks good at 2000 ft or less is what I am interested in and willing to accept whatever size that may come in. Storage prices are inexpensive at this point. Danny
  11. I like the approach. I don't fly X-plane, so, I don't at present have much TE software. I do look forward to release of TE Washington and Oregon, etc., for P3D. Danny
  12. Very nice. I fly P3D and will be looking forward to that release in the future. Great work Orbx. Danny
  13. Wow. Thanks for the video. I bet the pilot had one massive rush when the windscreen blew in out of no where. Danny
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