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  1. Hi Sentry11. I disabled Activesky and restored default sky and cloud textures. The result is still the same, I'm afraid:
  2. Yes, Activesky XP V. 7387 and xvision cloud and sky textures. Cheers Stu
  3. Hi all. I know there is no support for XP Vulkan beta at present but I wanted to highlight an issue the TE GB series This screenshot is me descending into EGBB on track BUZAD > DTY > OLIVE3 arrival. As you can see, the scenery stops drawing. I have a GTX 1080 8GB and graphics memory usage is reporting 3550GB in XP settings. I have included my scenery_ini for your perusal. Is this an issue your side or XP's? I have only just purchased the three GB regions, so have no prior experience of TE before Vulkan. Thnaks for your help Stu
  4. I'll be going. I only live about 7 miles away in Telford. Be rude not to. Stu
  5. Hi Marcus, it's set to FTX global now. Thanks for your help Regards Stu
  6. Thanks, Marcus. I had it set to P3D v3.4. It seemed sensible at the time, as this is what I'm running. But thinking about it, it means what ORBX product are you running. This looks much better, doesn't it?
  7. Hello everyone. I recently installed ESSA into P3d 3.4 and have default default taxiways and aprons showing in patches. Where the correct textures are showing, they are blurry. I've re-run latest ORBX libraries install and set library insert points to have FTX above OLC entries but I cannot get rid of the default textures. I even ran aec corrections in vector config tool to no avail. I have also installed, T2G Munich, FT Amsterdam and UK2000 EGBB extreme installed, and these are on top of the scenery library above the FTX entries. These don't appear to have any texture issues. Could you help to resolve this, please? Thanks Stu
  8. Hi Stewart. I intend to go, I grew up in the neighbouring village of Albrighton but now live in Telford. It is so close, it's a no brainer. Actually, I'll be there at the Airshow this coming Sunday as well. Let's hope that Azores high pressure moves further north in time for Sunday! Too much rain and cloud at present. Regards Stu
  9. Update to post #2. I made my own dinner lastnight. It was very nice. I might have a go at the thermal paste next...... Stu
  10. Thanks, Rob. I just moved MyTraffic down to below all the ORBX scenery library entries and the problem is fixed. Cheers Stu
  11. I have MyTraffic 5.4c. Should its entry be below all the ORBX scenery library entries? Thanks Stu
  12. I have a strange issue with FSX-SE. I have Global hybrid mode selected with FTX Central V2 but as you can see, the standard airport layout is showing through the FTX version of EGFF. I also have grass plants poking through the aprons and taxiways. Is there a fix for this, please? Thanks Stu
  13. I still have the above problem where P3D crashes to desktop during loading a flight if I am in the EU-landclass region in winter time. Other seasons don't present issues. Has anyone got any advice on how to fix this, please? I have done a total re-install of P3D 2.4, global, FS genesis, Vector, EU Landclass and Dec 2014 ORBX libraries. All the ORBX regions are latest releases and still have the problem. Thanks Stu
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