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  1. I'll be going. I only live about 7 miles away in Telford. Be rude not to. Stu
  2. Hi Stewart. I intend to go, I grew up in the neighbouring village of Albrighton but now live in Telford. It is so close, it's a no brainer. Actually, I'll be there at the Airshow this coming Sunday as well. Let's hope that Azores high pressure moves further north in time for Sunday! Too much rain and cloud at present. Regards Stu
  3. Update to post #2. I made my own dinner lastnight. It was very nice. I might have a go at the thermal paste next...... Stu
  4. I live in Priorslee, just about 4 miles away to the west. I was born and raised in Albrighton, Cosfords neighbouring village, so I tend to watch the airshow from either the bowling club or cricket club grounds there. I was in California working all last June, so missed the airshow last year. Apparently, they had to close the doors to the airfield as it was very over subscribed due the fabulous weather! Best get there early incase the sun is blazing. Rumour has it, the Vulcan may make an appearance.... Funny thing, my childhood home was on the final approach to 24 and I spent many a summer afternoon watching the chipmunks and bulldogs do their circuits. It was that , that sparked my love of flying. Sometime on, I achieved my PPL at Half Penny Green (EGBO) and really immersed myself in flight simming, too, when not flying for real. You could say, Cosford inspired me to eventually hang around here! Hope the weather is good, have a great day! Stu
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