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  1. Hi Nick. thank you for the welcome. And thank you for the quick response. Will go have a browse. I’m glad I took the plunge with ORBX. Awesome products. My FSX is dead with my recent upgrade. Let’s hope all runs smooth with p3d when I finally get a reset on my activations kind regards Ryan
  2. Hi peeps, im so sorry if this has been asked before. Search only showed 1 similar and didn’t quite answer my question. I currently have FSX SE and P3D. With loads of issues I had I upgraded my computer. Ive gone to reinstall ORBX global and vector. When I do this, will they install automatically in to both? If not how do I do it? And the stupid question, where do I look in files to see which one it’s installed to? ( I know I should see them visually, but with lots of settings issues I’m not 100%sure). my spec are: i9 9900k 5.0 DDR4 32gb RAM GTX1080ti. This should be enough to run ORBX addons I hope. also GB south scenery. Can it be run on fsx? belive it it not when i maxed fsx, it crashed as ran out of memory.
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