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  1. Fantastic news. This series of LC will be an immediate purchase for me :-)
  2. Hi there. I too had this problem but resolved it by: loading, running and closing MSFS while Orbx Central was closed, rebooting my PC, then opening Orbx Central which now showed MSFS. Fingers crossed that it works for you too.
  3. I’d always wondered about that, and now I know! Good description and a useful guide - thanks. Btw, this was a 10 yo thread.
  4. Jeeeeez that would be good - I’ll be an early adopter of FS2020. But I wouldn’t want to discourage Orbx from concurrent devel for P3D which will remain on my system, and be used, for quite some time to come :-) I have waaaaaay to much Orbx and other 3rd party devel loving installed/invested in P3D.
  5. Thanks for the detailed information Holger. It seems it’s potentially just ‘one of those things’ when dealing with the integration of large data sets that results in the occasional anomaly. Regards, Alex
  6. That is excellent news; v1 has always been a fave (of mine) but it’s now showing it’s age!! BrisVegas is my ex-hometown and I often use YBBN as a point of departure or arrival. Looking forward to v2’s eventual release - I don’t mind paying for someone else’s hard work to develop a new contemporary version of the airport.
  7. Yep, I too have seen this on the same route. It never quite reaches the aircraft’s position and almost seems like a discontinuity between two lots of scenery. On one flight I could see that the discontinuity was like a large ditch. Nothing I did could fix the issue so I gave up and kept flying but it does destroy the immersion factor.
  8. Same issue for me too. In fact, it seems like every time I tweak the config of an Orbx scenery the scenery.cfg file gets automagically reordered. Not sure if that’s what suppose to happen?
  9. Hi Nick. Yes, there was a backup which I deleted. This allowed me to install TF2 into P3DV45 but then kept failing to install into P3DV5. If however I deleted the backup between installing in V45 and V5, the I could install TF2 into both sims - strange behaviour and a first for me. This behaviour follows if I reverse the install order, ie. install in V5 first, then V45. I’m using the latest version of Orbx Central (4.1.9)
  10. Hi Rob. I have exactly the same problem except that sometimes it says (for P3Dv45HF3) that 3 files failed to extract, other times it says 2. P3DV5 says 9 files. If I try and do a manual download it says his product does not have a full build download available. Has any one else had this problem and resolved it? Any help gratefully accepted. Regards Alex
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