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  1. I Installed them through the Orbx Central application, it also says that my GCTS Is installed, but when i go there, it's default. This is allmost all my airports
  2. Hi Nick, I've synced the simulator and now this has happened Water everywhere, some True Earth showing, some not
  3. Hello, All of a sudden all my airports that i have installed are default but they are showing as installed on Orbx, even the airports i purchased on simmarket have the same issue. My GCTS Is showing as installed but when i log into the sim it's default. I jumped to Orbx BIKF To test and the issue is still the same except this somewhat works. This is very frustrating as i've just spent £200 a few days ago on the Volanta sale and nothing is working. I had to install Orbx object flow last night and that's when this error occured. Please is there any resolo
  4. Hi John, I'm not seeing any photoreal areas as listeed in thte manual. I'm sure it something is wrong here as it looks nothing like the trailers.
  5. Hi there I just bought Au Australia V2 I verified all the files and then when I load up the SIM this is what I looks like! My settings are near max/ultra and I am in need of a quick resolution Please copy the link for the other screenshot as the file size was too large to upload https://filebin.net/kj2k3oaqsz3hayxg/2021-2-28_21-37-38-547.png?t=h8oqat6p ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Simulator P3DV5 Everything up to date
  6. Afternoon Nick & Sveiny Black Marble and TrueEarth are compatible as a few friends have them both enabled, i'll try enabling this box as you mentioned above @Nick Cooper "FTX_EU_!GBC_08_CUSTOM enabled" I'll keep you both updated on the progress of this.
  7. Hi Nick, I'm using Black Marble, however the two products are not compatible together, is there a patch or a fix as i'm now headed for day 5 and still reaching no end to this. Is there any resoloution for this?
  8. I did mention that i moved Central over to the D Drive for a test, howver it's now back on the C Drive scenery.cfg Below is the current .cfg
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