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  1. Hi Stew It is indeed resource intensive but in P3D v4 it can be turned on and off globally with just a tick box. I find it too intensive for my system, at least with the other settings I like to maintain so I have turned it off. This means that no dynamic lighting is activated, even if it comes with the addon - such as the PMDG 747 and (I would expect) ORBX. Cheers Stu
  2. Hi Richard, Just downloaded and tried out the new update and I can't believe it but you've managed to fix it! I went to a couple of the old trouble spots and sure enough there are no light blotches all over the mountains. Thanks so much, this is a great surprise! With all the other fixes and new POIs I'm heading back to Scotland for some sight-seeing! Thanks a lot Richard to you and all your team. Stu.
  3. Ah well never mind. The list of changes looks excellent and will improve Scotland no end I think. Cheers Stu
  4. Great news, thanks Richard. Is it possible that the issue of blotchy lights across the mountains could be fixed too? Please see this topic for reference: Cheers Stu
  5. Wow that was a quick fix, thanks Richard. I'll download England again and give it a try. Thanks very much.
  6. Yes I find the same - I cannot get Brecqhou to stay ticked - it always turns itself off no matter what other options I have ticked or unticked in the panel. It's no biggie for me - having a seemless integration with Earth Sims in every other way thanks to this new panel so I am very grateful for it's inclusion. But yes, it does seem that there is an error with the Brecqhou entry.
  7. Ah yes I see your point, it would probably be a bit much for such a small community! Thanks for all the other goodies being added though. Looking really nice.
  8. Excellent, thanks Richard. Really looking forward to this.
  9. This is really nice, thank you Richard. The control panel will make using Earth Sims scenery really easy. I am using Prepar3d v3 and when I use ES scenery I don't get their wonderful custom night lighting anymore. However, the new Orbx lights do show through the photoscenery and look great at Guernsey and Isles of Scilly. However, Alderney is still dark and I think this is because it only has the standard Orbx lights, not the new type. I know this is a big ask but please would it be possible to add some of the new lighting to Alderney - this would allow us to see it from further away if using the Orbx version, and allow us to see any lights at all if using ES. No worries if this is too much to ask, we're already getting more than I hoped for! Cheers Stu
  10. Hi Richard This all looks wonderful, thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for the UK regions. Will this new update remove the exclude files that currently block autogen in the National Park areas? Cheers Stu
  11. Hello Steve To add to what Larry has said, the author of the Worldwide Ships package said on AVSIM that all their ships will appear if you set your ships slider to 5%. He recommends setting it to 10% to also include some of the default ships. Other addons require different settings. For example, if you have the latest volume of Scotflight for Orbx, then you will need to set your ships slider to 25% in order to see their ferries. Cheers Stu
  12. These are amazing shots! I haven't got Open LC NA yet as I'm on holiday but these 2 shots with the new lighting are making the wait really hard!
  13. I honestly thought those first 2 shots were real! Great set, thanks Mallard.
  14. Hi John I agree with what the chaps have written here - it is second to none for IFR flights and I wouldn't consider doing one without it. However, you should be aware that it is only for IFR. It has no VFR functionality at all. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of that fact before you buy it. For IFR though it is really very good and very easy to set up and get going. Cheers Stu.
  15. That's how coal-fired power stations look in the UK - ORBX has them pretty much spot on.
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