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  1. Hi Nige , without knowing what your seeing its kinda hard for me to tell you what to correct . I can however tell you what I do . I simply launch P3D which initially appears on the centre only . Then I "undock" that window so that its not filling my centre display entirely , and then stretch the image left and right to populate my 2 side displays . I also select WIDE-VIEW ASPECT RATIO , which can be found in OPTIONS/GRAPHICS ..please see the attached screenshot if your not sure where to find it . I hope this helps a bit . Regards Des
  2. Thanks guys , but spoke too soon i fear ....P3Dv5 is crashing when i try to stretch my "cockpit" into my left and right displays ...does anyone know of an event logger that i can open within P3Dv5 to monitor whats happening .?TIA
  3. Finally have P3Dv5 installed and running with all my Orbx Libraries , Little Nav Map also seems to be complying and displayed on the centre top monitor during flight , with a tablet being utilised as a 5th display over wifi , showing my GPS . Nvidia 1080ti handling all this and my Oculos Rift S nicely . Happy a flying Pig in $h!£...thanks to all in all forums , stay safe , Des .
  4. Good Morning Nick , and thank you for your prompt reply . Can you tell me how to do so, or point me to a document /link which outlines it ? I realise your peobably quite busy and may have answered this issue for other users so i REALLY appreciate any help with this , Regards Des .
  5. HI all , hoping you are all well. Im having a what I think is a basic file location issue . Having downloaded V5 , ive had to move to various folders and files (which I thought were unrelated to my sims !!), to make room on my C: drive . Now when I launch v4 , I have some airports and not others . I WAS using UK2000 and ALL EU Orbx AIRPORTS WITHOUT FAULT . But now , in the scenery folder within P3D4, these UK2000 airports are no longer listed "ABOVE " the Orbx files , as they were in the past. These uk2000 files seem greyed out and while their respective enable boxes are ticked , I cannot sel
  6. Hello Nick having the same problem when trying to sign into my account. using the same e-mail and password , keeps telling me they are not correct . I have tried to change my password by sending Forgot Password Message but all i receive back is a Blank Message from Orbx. Hoping you can help . Thanking you Des Carson
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