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  1. DOH! Forgot rule 1, always RTFM. Love your work Doug, thanks mate :).
  2. Gudday Ben, During the closed beta for Orbx Central I created a Central Library for P3D, XP11 and Aerofly FS2 on a 1TB SSD. I'd like to move this Library to a 2TB SSD I just bought, can you outline the best way to do this so that Orbx Central (and my sims of course) will see it all once it's on the new 2TB SSD? Is it just a matter of moving the Central Library folder across then pointing to it from withing Orbx Central? Thanks mate! Nick
  3. Thanks Jarrad, very exciting news ☺️. Hey can I ask where you got the RAAF E-7A Wedgetail in the Darwin screenshot? I flew in the back of the Wedgetail for several years as an RAAF Air Combat Officer while it was going through flight testing in Seattle, I would LOVE to fly it in FSX.. Love your work! Nick Thain
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