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  1. HI, is there a fix for floating houses around Orbx LEBB airport?
  2. which insertion point is responsible for the water texture?
  3. Hi, why does my water texture not look like the one that is uploaded by nick cooper to me is seems those dark patches are repeating?!?! H
  4. Hi, I figured it out, the US library insertion point was below the Florida scenery
  5. Hi, I just dont understand. I have squares that are true earth. but I a missing great amount of this scenery!!! I just reinstalled still NOK.
  6. verify I allready did that. the problem is that TE is not being covered on south florida (miami to key west) north of miami is covered. seems like the keys are not covered in P3D are you using P3d?
  7. HI it seems that the south everglades and the keys are not covered by TE. Am I correct? I
  8. Hi Support, So, I purchased the wonderful TE Florida product. but for some reason Key West is not showing the true earth "flavors" is KEY WEST included in this product?? or is it going to be covered with a later release?
  9. Hi, I seem to have texture issues on the border of germany and austria when flying into innsbruck on p3d4. I have to Orbx LOWI, Orbx germany south and north. is there a fix for this? because I black textures on the border.
  10. Hi, I have some kind of flashing texture effect on the terminals in arlanda. is there a fix for this?
  11. Hi How in the hell is it possible that from all the True Earth products I have. the TE Netherlands is the only blurry one?!?! i am very frustrated with this. maybe I am missing something?
  12. Hi there the Orbx KRDD scenery is not compatible with the true earth Northern California. there is an elevation issue. the KRDD .bgl files have been disabled. but still NOK please advice. I checked the
  13. Hi I get this error when loading P3d4 please advice
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