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  1. Hello, It seems that Tenerife has missing decal textures on the ground, look quite blurry close up. Thanks
  2. Hello, This problem does seem more pronounced in Vulkan however its always been there for myself at least. I prefer to have the decals so when I bought true earth north I ended up adding them myself using a free tool. I experimented with the variety of decals that are available and it seems that the finer grained decals make the problem less noticeable. Attached are previews from the "apply decal" tool. The first is the same or similar to What Orbx applied in TE South. The second shows one of the finer grained example's that people might prefer. The best outcome would be th
  3. Well this being my local airport growing up I'm going to have to buy it. The only thing I can pick on is that the tower and possibly terminal brickwork has been painted grey since last summer as part of a rebrand.
  4. Hello. Installed true earth north to find no decal textures. I do think it makes the product look a bit poor. I have noticed the repeating pattern with the other two regions but it's nothing too bad. If I could make one suggestion. Using a finer grained decal seems to fix the issue of the repeating pattern and looks great at low alt. I've used grass and dirt 2 or something along those lines.
  5. To be honest I have to drop down my settings to high in certain areas. The flat roof textures on top of the terrain that appear to be added on sp1 makes for an improvement from altitude.
  6. On further testing it tends to be anywhere that's built up. It's especially noticeable when panning and flying in tight turns. I do only have 8gb of ram so maybe pushed my system just over the edge.
  7. I've noticed that with the update I get pauses every few seconds. This seems to be prevalent around the Cardiff area. Tried the suggestion of non PBR autogen but the issue still remains. Anyone else experienced anything similar?
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