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  1. Hi, This has happened to me twice so far and each time has corrected spontaneously after updating MSFS 2020. First thing to do is start MSFS and let it update. . If there is no update available I'm not sure how to cure it. Rich
  2. Good Call FlyBlueSkies! Alt+ Tab brought the Enable Addon Dialog to the fore fairly quickly and I was able to complete the start without problems. Maybe your advice should be pinned in case other have problems with their startup hanging after installing a scenery. I'll do some Oregon Flights and let you Know what I think. I have flown True earth Oregon in X Plane and it is spectacular. Some of the volcanic landscapes seem almost alien. Get it and you'll see what I mean. All the Best Rich
  3. Thanks FlyBlueSkies, I'll try the alt+ Tab this afternoon when I get home from work. I have a very large Orbx Library with every other true Earth and many other Orbx Addons Installed. I note the more addons the slower the Prepar3D V5 start. This was the same with Prepar3d V4 also. I sometimes wonder if there is an upper limit to the number or sheer volume of the addons. If I can't get it to start with TE Oregon Installed in the Library my plan is to uninstall it from the Library and reinstall in the simulator where I have some space available. I'll let yo
  4. Hi, I've been unable to get past the initial startup screen since installing True Earth Oregon in my Main Orbx Library. I get no enable Addon message for true Earth Oregon and the sim doesn't start. I have most Orbx products installed and not had this problem before. Peprar3d V5 has been updated with Hot Fix 2 and has been running beautifully till now. Windows 10 has been updated to version 2004. I've waited over 1 hour for the start several times so far, have verified the True Earth Oregon files, and have sun the Sync Simulator function in Orbx Central Settings/Help.
  5. I had the red X Problem after updating to SODE 1.7. You can usually solve it by deactivating SODE then reactivating it. Just to be sure I rebooted between deactivating and reactivating. Cheers Rich
  6. Hi, I have the same issue. It occurred after installing True Earth Washington and I've never had it before. I have verified My Vector install and have all the net Framework versions installed. It occurs whether or not my antivirus is active and I run the tool as administrator. I've just read the vector elevation configuration tool has recently been re written or updated and was wondering if we should wait while this is looked at at your end. My install has not changed and has been stable to date. Thanks for your help. Cheers Rich
  7. Hi Nick, Your advice solved the problem. I'll remember to delete the backup in future if my install is interrupted and I verify files after completion of download. Thanks for your help. Regards Rich
  8. I just checked the Boulder City scenery in Prepar3D Ver which seems to display OK as far as I can see, so the issue seems to be Orbx Central which continues to tell me there are issues with 4 files and to verify and reinstall them which it then does , but continues to display the error message again. Should I just ignore it and not verify the files repeatedly or is there a simple way to fix the issue? Rich
  9. Hi, I keep getting a message that 4 files failed to extract after my Boulder city install. I run verify files which seems to download the missing files but the message persists. Boulder city is installed in my main Orbx Library. The initial install process hard locked the computer which had to be rebooted. I guess this provoked the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Rich.
  10. Hi, The Computer with my prear3d Version 4.5 died in a spectacular fashion with a loud bang. Not sure of the cause but a search online suggested a blown capacitor in the power supply or mother board. As the computer was quite old I opted for a new build rather than a repair. I've just completed the new computer. I've requested an extra activation from Lockheed Martin to install Prepar3d. I could not uninstall my old prepar3D or any of my Orbx software prior to the computers demise. Can I redownload all my old Orbx software to the new Prepar3D install using Orbx Central
  11. Hi Graham, Prepar3dVer 2.5 is telling me each time I start prepar3d that there are multiple objects with the same name and identifies [fltsim.0] title=FTX AI Boeing B737-300 Airwork ZK-TLE and [fltsim.1] title=FTX AI Boeing B737-300 Airwork ZK-FXT as the culprits. The startup stops till I clear the message. I notice that in the Boeing B737-300 and Boeing 737-300F folders these objects have identical names. Should I uninstall and reinstall the AI Traffic package or is this a prepar3d 2.5 problem. Can I rectify it safely in some other way? Sincerely Richm
  12. Hi Ryan, That should have been Does it link to the autopilot? Sorry about that Regards Richard
  13. Hi Ryan, Wonderful set of screenshots. Could you point us toward instructions for swapping the weather radar for the GTN? Does it like to the Autopilot? Regards Richard
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