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  1. Hi everyone, There's a hotfix coming that will fix the doubled jetways. For reference, the double is coming from GSX but we'll modify the APX so they'll no longer appear. Greg
  2. I'm sure @Matteo Veneziani will be able to confirm, but the missing buildings look ones that would be placed by ObjectFlow. Perhaps that needs to be reinstalled? Greg
  3. These should have been fixed in the most recent update. Can you verify the files and recheck. If it's still not working, we'll had back to the drawing board and get it sorted. Greg
  4. OK, that's correct then. The file is a duplicate of the one included with TE NCA. The KSJC installer disables the the TE version so that we don't end up with duplicated GUIDs. There's no obvious reason why that file should be the source of performance issues. However, I'll have a closer look at my end and run some tests. Greg
  5. Can you screenshot what you're seeing for clarity? G
  6. It would be helpful if you could give us some more information about your systems specs, what control panel options you have enabled, what your graphic settings are and under what conditions (day/night/weather etc) your're encountering performance issues. Also, what aircraft are you using and what is your VRAM usage with and without the airport enabled? Greg
  7. Hi everyone, Sorry to hear that you're having performance issues. These didn't come up in beta testing. As you're no doubt all aware, dynamic lighting has a significant impact in both P3D v4 and v5. For that reason we broke the DL placement into three sections which you'll see in the control panel. Basic Apron Lighting (this is essential apron floodlighting) Extra Apron Lighting (apron lights attached to the terminal building) Landside Lighting (car parks etc) My suggestion, if you are having performance issues, is to disable first the Extra Apron Lighting. This is the heaviest of the three options. The aprons will still be adequately lit but you may the terminal building may appear slightly dark in places. If you're still having issues you could also disable Landside lighting. The Basic lighting option is about as sparse as we can afford to be and still have the aprons lit as they should be. Cheers, Greg
  8. This looks like a terrain issue. What base product are you using? (TEGB or FTX England) Also, what's your terrain mesh setting? Cheers, Greg
  9. This sounds more like there are duplicated installs of the airport. The fact that removing the lights improves frames but there lights still appears strongly suggests that somehow two copies of the airport were installed. Either duplicate Orbx airports or perhaps the Orbx version and another third party. There's been no reported performance issues connected with lighting in XP11 that I've been made aware of at least. Greg
  10. Quite possibly missing as it was one of the first XP ports we did. I'll put it on the list. Greg
  11. This was indeed an error in Ed's install (doubled-up with the default airport). I've removed the offending image from the OP! Greg
  12. It's not on the plan for the foreseeable future but these things are always subject to change! Greg
  13. From memory, JF's traffic offering was released at about the same time, or just after EGLC. Therefore there was no opportunity to test it. Having said that, it should be working quite happily with WT3 so I'm assuming the JustFlight's product differs fundamentally. If we have the opportunity, we'll revisit the package and update at some point in the future. Greg
  14. Hi, TerraFlora doesn't include grass as part of the package. What you're seeing there is, most likely, the grass that is part of whatever airport package that is. It's possible that shadows are disabled in the grass model itself, or that you need to adjust the 'receive' settings in the shadows section of the P3D lighting setup. Greg
  15. According Turbulent's Facebook page, they're having some issues with their activation server which will be why your not able to get the installer to work. I'd suggest you keep an eye on that page for further updates. Cheers, Grerg
  16. Just to confirm, are you saying that the original TerraFlora v1 installer you purchased does not work? G
  17. Hi Nick, I presume that's from your setup? I'm not seeing the same thing. I'll reinstall and have another look. Greg
  18. Hi, We're aware of this issue since the recent orbxlibs update. A fix is incoming. Greg
  19. KSUN is a special case. There are only a handful of Orbx airports that are built this way and I don't believe any of those are on terrain where the slope is so pronounced (which is what causes the limitations). Ultimately, in reality, much of the airport space is sloped. Only the main parking (N) and the lower GA areas are flat. Everything in between has a slight slope which makes it unusable for P3D. Greg
  20. Hi, The service vehicles, I presume, are from an addon you're using? They're not part of the original scenery. They will appear below the ground as the airport model sits on an elevated piece of terrain. Those vehicles won't obey the platform that supports the aircraft. The short version is, addon service vehicles from packages suck as GSX won't work correctly with this airport. This is the same reason why AI traffic is not supported in the product. Regarding the size of the parking spaces; for the same reason above, there is a limited number of the larger parking areas that we can assign to the user before the underlying terrain starts to show through the ground model. I can't recall which aircraft we used to 'size' the parking spaces at apron N, but it was obviously had a considerably larger wingspan. Parking spaces in P3D are generated using the centrepoint of the aircraft rather than the location of the nosewheel (as XP does). This means, using a smaller aircraft than the developer intended, results in the offset that you're seeing - however this would only be apparent upon starting the sim at that parking space. The simple solution is to slew the aircraft forward a few metres, then start you flight. It's possible that there's a sneaky fix we can do to overcome this and it's something I'll look into in the future. Cheers, Greg
  21. Yes, I was going to say it looks pretty much as I would expect it to to be honest! Greg
  22. Hi, It's hard to tell what's happening there in a static image. Can you take a screenshot a bit closer and a different angle? Also at a different time of day (sun high in the sky)? Cheers, Greg
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