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  1. Good morning everyone, There's regular flights out of EGHI so that might be a better start point! Two questions with the same answer. At the moment Jersey and Guernsey are on the list for future projects but we have no timeframe for when they might be started as they are obviously both very big commitments. Given the X-Plane 11 1x1 tile limitations, we can't make Alderney available for XP until the rest of the Channel Islands are complete as the three main islands are on a single tile. EGJA for FSX/P3D is seasoned, yes. (So is KTIW!). This one has been a long time coming and we're excited to bring it to you!! Greg
  2. To recreate the huge undulations at EGNM in a 3D model would be a massive undertaking which would give me even more grey hairs! So, unfortunately, at this point it's going to be flat as per usual. G
  3. EGNM P3D ran into some unforeseen technical issues which we've now resolved. Rest assured it's on the way! Greg
  4. Thanks guys, That site is a lifesaver at the moment. I'll make a note of the helipads in the project plan. G
  5. As the NATS charts servers seems to be offline at the moment, I can't see which helipad you're referring to. Perhaps you could take a screenshot of google earth? But the answer is almost certainly yes. Greg
  6. Hi Jake, Thanks for the feedback. As you can imagine, implementing an accurate 'wave' across the entire airport is quite challenging. The main issue is the we needed to make the apron area reasonably flat as this would otherwise create issues with model placement etc. Going from the sloping runway to the flatter apron introduces a technical complication which creates the bumps and slopes that your seeing. Based on your feedback, we'll review the terrain and see if we can tweak it a bit further to smooth it out some more. Cheers, Greg
  7. Hi Terry, A definitive answer for you: Yes. The P3D version of EGNM is being built and tested with P3D v4.5 as a base. If you have TE GB Central running it will blend with that and won't have seasons. If you use only FTX England or Global you will be able to enable seasonal variations of the photoreal. The seasons will change dynamically the same as every other ESP-based Orbx product (with the exception of EGLC which we are planning to correct). Greg
  8. Hi, Both KGPI and Big Bear are planned for X-Plane. Both require a significant amount of reworking in order to work correctly in XP. As soon as we have a spare moment, we'll get on it! MBS and KIDA transfers are also in the works. Greg
  9. Hi Jack, I can't answer your first question, but as far as KSUN is concerned, your installation is correct. KSUN is installed to the same place airports have been traditional (under the P3D\Orbx folder). The XML points the sim where to find it. The XML in itself doesn't determine where the file gets installed, it's simply a pointer to where the airport and it's components have already been installed to. Ultimately, the addon.xml system will allow us to provide a fully self contained product (at least for airports) without the need to place files in different folders. In the case of KSUN, the airport itself, elevation adjustments, effects and texture scripts are all contained under the \FTX_AA_KSUN folder all referred to by one XML file. Previously they would have been added to 4 seperate places. From a user standpoint, this will make your sim much 'tidier' while also being more flexible in which drive/folder you can install to. From a support standpoint, it will be much simpler for us to troubleshoot as there'll be no need for users to go ferreting through folders looking for obscure files. Cheers, Greg
  10. Providing the freeware in question is not in the area of KSUN, it should in no way be bothered by being below the KSUN XML entry. Greg
  11. Hi Urmel, Apologies for the lack of response. I've responded to the post that Nick referred to. Greg
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