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  1. I’m quickly running out of room on my 500GB SSD. Would there be any issues with Windows/P3D and any add ons if I cloned my current SSD on to say a 2TB SSD and used the old 500GB as a secondary?
  2. Spring afternoon inbound to Moorabbin from the north. Passing overhead Lake Eildon and the lakeside township of Bonnie Doon visible through the storm window. Victoria's vast alpine region can be seen to the south-east. (AUv2, P3D4.5 & a2aV35)
  3. Hi Bruce, I've pretty much finished the installation of all the addon airports for Australia. I turned the files you suggested in post #35 to OFF and it fixed most of the issues at YSRN. Although I'm still left with two windsock ground markings and no windsock. This is the case for most of my aussie airports. Is there a fix you can point me to for this? Secondly, YMGD is missing buildings, it looks as though the fixer has turned off the necessary files though. Lastly, I've installed most of Ant's Aussie airports which are great. Although at YHML there are missing taxiways. I guess once the solutions are found I'll be able to apply the same fix for any other discrepancies I find along the way. I've attached a picture for each case. Cheers, Ross
  4. Makes sense, it’s possibly a coincidence that the airports where i’ve seen this anomaly are not included in the fixer and will require manual manipulation as stated above. So I will need to leave the CVX files as is to remain on?
  5. Thanks Bruce, Pic of windsock cones at YSRN at previous post #27. It could only possibly be conflicting with ORBX AuV2 as I’ve never installed anything else. How does yours look?
  6. Hi, It's most of the fields I've visited, take YSRN for example. Below is what the ORBX scenery folder looks like and appears the fixer didn't turn it off. I just cut and paste the directory so don't know how it can go wrong. C:\Prepar3Dv4\OZx\OZx_AUS\Scenery C:\Prepar3Dv4\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\scenery You are correct regarding my sc library. Should this be different? Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this, My YWRN looks spot on though.
  7. Just checked a few other airports and they all seem to have multiple windsock ground markings. I must have messed up somewhere as my YMGD is missing buildings too. Something to do with scenery library?
  8. Thanks Bruce, I have run the fixer, so the fields I’ve checked have probably been overlooked.
  9. Currently installing the airports created by RF and Ant, are there any others that I need to download that are not included in Ozx? Also, all the airports I've checked out so far have either two or three windsock ground markings. Below is YSRN.
  10. Thanks Bruce, I ticked "show filename extensions" and used your method. Perfect.
  11. Thanks Bruce, I just did that and appears all to be working. Thanks for all the advice, it's surely worth the effort, I've just sampled a few of my local aerodromes and they look great. Appreciate the hard work everyone has put into it. Now I will start on Flukey's fixes, how do I turn files to OFF? No matter what I do I can't rename the extension. What's the easiest way to do this? Cheers,
  12. Great, thanks for all the tips and links. I'm slowly getting my head around it all. Still confused with the P3D converted libraries. Can I bin the old OZx_LIB scenery and texture folders and replace with the converted P3D library files?
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