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  1. Hi, I get on all jetways 1-6 the message: [GSX] No Jetway can operate at this position. They only work if i use in my P3DV4.4 over Add-ons/Sode 1.6.4/ Text-Menu Command: TAB+S Tried different airplane positions ( moved forward, backward and sideways) but unforunately without success I've deleted the old installation and did a new one. any help would be appreciated Best regards, Harald
  2. Hi, i use fsArodata and had elevation problems also at KGPI. I've disabled fsAerodata, reopened fsAerodata Configuration Tool and chose options, unchecked "ICAO Identifiers" and enabled fsAerodata again. This solved my elevation problem regards, Harald
  3. Hi Greg, i also use fsAerodata and have an elevation problem. If i disable "APX17140.bgl" from fsAerodata found at Scenery\0201and use the original APX17140.bgl all problems went away. regards, Harald
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