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  1. Simple Kiwi beauty during Dunedin to Wellington rotation. My first entry into a screenshot contest, good luck everyone.
  2. I'm seriously looking at buying that little bird, how can I not at less than $ 20.00. Lot of interesting flights to be had. Hope mine are not in that snow though, sweet shots TTM.
  3. Wow, and we think some of the current models flying are ugly, Looks like someone crossed a Soviet Typhoon Sub with something out of Thunderbirds. Still, lovely shot.
  4. Thanks Mike, I didn't know about that feature. Will have fun compiling the list now. Cheers much.
  5. Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone here has info for which airport gates Air New Zealand use in Australian airports? Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc. I'm trying to put together a list as to where the A320 flights would expect to park if possible. Thanks in advance for any info.
  6. Beautiful images Gerold. The one titled the Lion is simply stunning, that reflection
  7. Beautiful shots, that second one is amazing though, wow.
  8. Oh ok, funnily enough I did one 2 weeks ago and it was so wet in Wellington I could hardly see the runway from taxiway PAPA after pushback from Gate 27. Also got one flight with the "normal" Windy Wellington approach gusts, lot of fun that landing 7 rotations out of there since Christmas, don't think I've had the same weather on one of them.
  9. I replied in your post, I did that flight on Sunday.
  10. Beautiful shots Gerold. Re your comment on my post, I did that flight on Sunday so might have been different. Still love seeing anything from a land so far away from me, love I can be there in sim every day. So beautiful down there.
  11. Cheers folks, appreciate the comments.
  12. Peaking through the clouds headed south. Interesting shadow play over Queenstown Airport. Yes, I know I need to play with cloud settings, just don't have time with all the flying lol. Approach to RWY 5. Heading back to Wellington, I wondered what the screaming was about. Yes the mountains were close, but I knew where I was going, I think!!! I really have to get down here some day in real life, beautiful scenery every way you look at it. Back in Windy, little Sounds Air PC-12 coming in from Nelson is
  13. Lovely shots of a beautiful aircraft. Just curious, been thinking about getting it with a while, but heard and read mixed reports. How systems equipped is it, as in default vs pmdg/fslabs etc. Somewhere middle ground ish?
  14. Trying out this imgur thingy after reading of posters not being able to post screenshots. Hoping this dummy is capable of learning more new tech stuff
  15. Interesting housing, or giants step ladders? Ahem, GSX in all it's glory
  16. I was confused by all the welcome to the forums, until I realised I had to create a new account last year after my old email addy was removed. Used to post a few years back, have been around since the FS9 days under an old name, but no idea now what it was. Cheers though, nice welcome back
  17. Amazing Innsbruck, thought I'd see more snow
  18. Thanks for the reply Nick. In my haste to get flying on my new system when I got it a few months ago, I installed everything I wanted with no care for where they installed. Now I have more time, and a little more knowledge, I want to install everything from scratch and in an orderly and correct manner. The P3D base folder is to be as clean as possible of anything that shouldn't be in the install. I realize some addons won't run outside the base folder, but I will get as many as I can to run outside. Everything will be on the same disc, it's a 1TB S
  19. Hi all. I finally got around to installing a new SSD for P3D, fun times ahead for the night now re-installing everything from the old one. Looking for a little advice on a few questions. 1. Stick with V4.4 or upgrade to 4.5? 2. Should I re-install ORBX and all it's goodies as well? 3. Fresh install of everything else, ActiveSky, REX, AI etc? Any help/pointers much appreciated.
  20. Hi Doug. Many thanks for that, now I can get set-up correctly. Much appreciated.
  21. Hi all. I've searched the forums to try find an answer to my question, but I know I'm searching the wrong terms as I don't seem to find anything relevant. I have a new 1tb SSD bought with the intention of putting all my P3D addons on, with P3D running on another dedicated smaller ssd. My question is can I do this with all my ORBX scenery stuff? If I can, can anyone point me in the correct direction of doing so please. I've read around the interweb that this is possible, and highly recommended. But being a total noob with that kind of stuff,
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