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  1. Marcus, Just bought and looked in and around the airport.. A lot of eye candy to be seen. For me it feels like realisme to the max, as the smallest detail has not been forgotten. You made and delivered a master piece, a real work of art you can be proud of... Rgds, Hans.
  2. Yes, this unfortunately is reality in LC Afrika. Too many of these repeating ones in several parts of Morocco. Ed Correia already said he will contact the developers on this matter, so we best sit and wait what will come.
  3. Ed, When contacting the developer, please mention there is even a much bigger area in the triangle Casablanca-Marrakech-Essaouira with repeating textures... From 15k feet see there endless lines next to eachother of ever repeating textures... It really looks horrible... Hopefully they can do something about it..
  4. This area is about 60 km long (north to south) and some 20 km wide area with ever repeating textures.. Once you see it, it becomes annoying and distracting... Orbx user guide stating: "Adding openLC Africa greatly reduces repeated textures" Hopefully Orbx can take a look at this area and rework, reality definitely does not confirm what they are writing...
  5. South of GMAD (my home base) just checked and you are right... Huge area where copy/paste had to fill up to a total unrealistic area in that region.. It looks more European than Europe itself this way, as the standard colour there is brownish semi desert. Pity.
  6. Hi Rob, Thanks for the info... I managed to open...
  7. First of all I like very much what I see by the first looks in new LC Africa. Great job done.. Can anyone please tell where the 7 photoreal areas are located ? Missing that part in the description and manual. Rgds, Hans
  8. Perfect planning in a serious bad time... Being grounded for weeks in real life but becoming able to take off the African way. Top Top Top news.
  9. Hi Joop, goede middag. I was suffering from the same and the only thing I had to do was to update the client of P3D with HF2 to version 32097.. 5 minutes of your time and it did the trick.. Thats all. Groeten, Hans.
  10. Just did the update and all now working fine with ESKS... What a beauty that airport, chapeau for Marcus. Really would not mind him make many more airport sceneries in Sweden. hint hint. Hopefully I will not get in troubles anywhere with other sceneries, will find out in time. Tnx Nick for your assistance and the last push to get me over the fence.... Rgds, Hans.
  11. Hello Nick, Convincing myself bit by bit to install HF2, just have some questions: 1. Prepar3D.cfg and scenery.cfg remain untouched or are set to basic ? 2. concerning Orbx are there any steps to be taken ? like running Vector AEC after installing ? Insertionpoint define again ? Pleased to hear. Rgds, Hans.
  12. Hi Marcus, Reading the several problems users have (have had) with HF2 on various forums incl. Orbx, have made me decide to not install this one. I am not in for problems at this moment (of lockdowns) and hold my breath untill LM decides to roll out a version 5.....ever. Stress already at max here in Morocco. Fear I am not the only one who sticks with HF1 latest, which users then could not use this beautiful airport. Please try your best to help those who stopped at HF1. Would be a pity to see my money wasted. Rgds, Hans
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