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  1. Hello dev Ed, thanks for that info. Yes please fix that and bring Sydney to the MSFS marketplace because I buy your products from there only (for several reasons totally not worth mentioning here). Thank you
  2. yeah I made a request for it yesterday but haven't received an answer yet
  3. WOW this is big news. I had this airport for Prepar3D and was so happy with how it was done. So happy that I took a screenshot of it and used it as Windows wallpaper for several months. It was done so good that I could just spawn at the airport and use chaseplane to walk/fly around it for hours. I just couldn't get enough of it. Really glad that now we are gonna get to enjoy the "real deal" version of this airport, thanks to the infinitely superior base/core technology of MSFS 2020. Thank you Maestro Matteo for this gift, and thank you everyone at Microsoft and Asobo for giving us MSFS 2020!
  4. Anyone know if the Wembley Stadium has been added to this DLC yet? I already bought it but would like to know if it's been added already before I load up London in MSFS again
  5. Thank you! Now I can day-dream about role-playing as Missionary Bush Pilot in MSFS. Can't wait!
  6. "Acclaimed developer Frank Schnibben (Cityscape Honolulu, Melbourne Cityscape for AUv2)" I just realized I bought both of these for P3D, the sim of the dark age, and they were superb. I'm willing to support the developer again but a question to those at Orbx who make decisions: do you have plans to do something like this but for the whole of Liverpool, England, UK, the airport EGGP and its immediate surrounding area?
  7. This is incredible on a whole new level. I don't live in or have never been to Australia but this is a must-have for me.
  8. Looking beautiful. Can't wait to get it. Why did Orbx not do Fresca though? It's the birthplace for the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. The current one in the MSFS marketplace is great but I'd have preferred to have it developed by my most favorite scenery/airport developer Orbx
  9. Agree. Any and all third party payware or freeware airport (Orbx or not) should have the Star symbol by default. Also would like to see Orbx's freeware airport for MSFS available on MSFS marketplace.
  10. Also not sure what a fire rescue truck from Palm Beach Country, Florida, US is doing at EGLC, London, UK
  11. So I just bought it and can confirm I too have this same issue. Screenshot:
  12. Agreed. I can't buy this airport in this state: But I really want to, as the flight from EGGP to EGLC is amazing, specially the approach to it (rwy 27 ILS) where it pretty much gives you a scenic VFR approach over the beautiful and ultra-realistic Orbx london city landmarks, and adding Orbx EGLC will increase and multiply the immersion manifold. I added Orbx EGLC to MSFS marketplace wishlist, and will buy as soon as I see user/customer reports about this and any other current issues getting fixed. Props to Orbx though for already and supposedly fixing some past issues
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