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  1. By the way JV, what happened to the P3D version of East Midlands Airport EGNX? https://orbxdirect.com/product/egnx-xp11 Will it ever come to P3D?
  2. Looking splendid. By the way, regarding the airport in your shots, is it payware or one of the default ones that come with ORBX Honolulu?
  3. The first few versions caused havoc to my P3D scenery. The current one is doing very well. No problem at all.
  4. This is gonna get interesting now. Lack of a Global Base, Vector and OpenLC equivalent for XP11 is only one of the reasons I don't use it. Matter of fact I recently got rid of XP11 from my PC to make space for ORBX Honolulu. If ORBX comes up with a 'global' solution for XP like they have done for P3D then I might jump back. Having said that, I want OpenLC Asia for P3D first because XP11 doesn't have the kind of complex study level GA and airliners I like.
  5. My journey with ORBX Central was disastrous but after a few updates (specially the current version and one right before it) has been doing very well. No complaint so far
  6. Christ these shots look marvelous. And this scenery is totally worth paying full price for. I don't care about sales anymore haha
  7. OpenLC asia and specially areas in Bhutan, Nepal and Japan would be nice. Bhutan and Nepal because they have some of the most challenging and difficult approaches and airports in the world. And Japan because I love that country
  8. Hey @carlosqr thanks for your suggestion. I ended up getting the Aerosoft one to go with ORBX Barcelona. Truly it's an amazing combo. I noticed that loading time (the part where you select the aircraft, airport and click Okay) has increased by about a minute but I can live with that, given how complex the cityscene/scape products are. Sometimes when I'm looking around the city with Chaseplane it almost feels as if the amount of content they put in there is infinite. My utmost gratitude goes out to maestri Allen Kriesman and John Venema for making this possible. I'll be looking into Cityscene Orlando now
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