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  1. I just looked at these pics and I don't see anything to complain about. Both look good, and imo the p3d version looks more colorful while xp version looks a bit black-n-white (or may be it's me). also, we are talking about a flight simulator, not GTA 5
  2. I don't care about xp, true earth etc. My sim activity is strictly for learning purposes. I picked up Building HD, openLC south america, and two more UK airports I didnt have before. I have only benefited from this sale. Thank you ORBX. Anyone know of some challenging airports in South America? I got active sky and realturb locked and loaded
  3. Do I need to install the freeware Global openLC Mesh South America too? https://orbxdirect.com/product/olcmesh-sa
  4. Has ORBX given up on updating their product map (the link and map found at the bottom of the ORBXDirect home page)? Asking cause it's incomplete, and many recently released addons are not listed there.
  5. Yes the buildings do look like how they should be in that part of the world where you were flying. In pictures 1-4 and then 11, the amount of autogens and the regionally (or geographically even) realistic look of the buildings give the whole scenery an extremely accurate and cityscene/cityscape type of vibe, and even though you are taking off and landing at default airports, the buildings enhanced by Buildings HD make it all look better. I've never thought about getting Buildings HD, but after looking at your shots I'm now considering buying it.
  6. Very nice. BTW I'm guessing you have Buildings HD installed, right?
  7. I usually do it like the following: ORBX Global base, vector and all the openLCs. Then all the regions. Then Cityscenes/scapes. Only then ORBX airports. and finally all other non-ORBX third-party airports
  8. @Daantjeeuh The main specialty and feature of this airport is the aggressive slope imo. If it doesn't have the slope then what's the point in getting it? I don't care if a normal airport like EGNM (Bradford Leeds airport) has accurately modeled slope or not (as it's not too aggressive), but in the case of Courchevel, not having the slope is a deal-breaker (if it ever comes to p3d). What I don't understand is (and I agree with you on this one): ORBX already made several airports that have sloped runways ( see the post at the bottom for a list, and ORBX Papua New Guinea package has some more). So what's stopping them from adding sloped runways to EGNM? Anyways I'm gonna be voting with my wallet from now on, and I want to thank JV for bringing Courchevel to my attention. If it weren't for this post I would have no idea that it's considered to be the one of the 17th most dangerous airports in the world according to Forbes. Well good news is landing there is gonna be fun for me now that I found a different flight sim scenery vendor who has already made for p3d not only a good quality rendition of Courchevel airport with the accurately modeled slope but also several other sloped and challenging French airports in the same area.
  9. Yes I bought the FSDT PNHL today and it works very well as long as you follow the instructions carefully in the ORBX Honolulu manual
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