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  1. Hi Bruce, I know this is not an Orbx issue and my message was not blaming Orbx anyhow!!! I'm just asking an advice on how to deal with this since I guess Orbx developpers thought about it! I will read page 26 from GSX! Thank you, Pierre.
  2. Hi there, i hope this message finds you well and that someone can help me! When landing at NZQN for the first time on the Orbx scenery and asking GSX for parking, GSX recognizes NZQN APX and sent me to a parking spot. While taxiing towards the parking spot, I see the marshaller and all the GSX objects. Until there, all fine! However, reaching a certain point (close to parking 5) all GSX objects disappear. I saw there are 2 APX. NZQN and NZQZ for GA. I guess reaching this "certain" point, GSX is lost and swithches tp NZQZ airport. I know i can try another parking spot a
  3. Thank you Nick for the super fast reply! :-) Indeed it seems to work perfectly now! Thanks a lo!!! Pierre.
  4. Hi there, I hope this email fins you well. It seems that I have an issue with the South California add-on I purchased. When I open FSX I received always the same message (attached). Even when in flight, this message pops up every 30 seconds and stops the flight until I click ok. My issue is that I can't precisely locate the file. My guess is that it could be due to KLAX as I have the FSDreamTeam scenery. However, I went through this forum and followed your recommendations by "desactivating" the 2 ADE FTX files adding .OFF at the end. You can see that on the picture.
  5. Hi, I just downloaded AI Traffic Australia & New Zealand through FTX Central but I can't see any planes from the package. All the files are in the SimObjects/Airplanes folder as they should. I probably missed something but I can't figure out what! I went through the attached user guide but could not find a solution. Any idea? thanks a lot, regards, Pierre.
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