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  1. A genuine email from PayPal will address you by your name - whatever your name is in your PP account. i.e. "Dear Joe Smith". The phishing emails typically address you as "Dear PayPal customer"
  2. You're welcome! This release is kind of like what happened at the famous Woodstock music festival in 1969. The promoters were expecting about 50,000 attendees at best, and close to 500,000 showed up! But, then, as now, it all worked out in the end! Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Got all 4 files in about 3 hours late last night. Here on the US East Coast, the CDN1 server worked best. Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. You may be right, but the online sales part of FSS operates 24/7... If the installers are ready to go, they could probably be brought on line remotely without any staff having to be physically present in their headquarters. Still, with a release like this, which is bound to be popular, they might want to have all hands on deck before going live. No matter how robust their E commerce web site and download servers may be, their systems are bound to get hammered once the purchase link appears at FTX. Of course, Monday morning in Oz is Sunday evening here on the US East Coast, so some of us might still get the chance to get our hands on it before the weekend is officially over. We shall see![emoji3] Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I believe that the new product will simply be called "OpenLC NA", and will include all of the former NA Alaska/Canada landclass, plus the rest of the USA, Caribbean, etc. It appears that the original Alaska/Canada OpenLC will no longer be sold as a separate product, since it is now part of the "complete" OpenLC NA. Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Compressor surges. Just after he lined up for the initial takeoff roll you can hear a series of rapid "popping" noises. This is caused by a BOV valve failure. The Pratt 305 engines on the Lear 60 have three electro-pneumatic valves which open in sequence as the engine is accelerated from idle. They are called "blow off" valves, and their purpose is to release excess pressure from the engine compressor stages (into the bypass duct) as the engine is going from idle to full power. The valves open (then close) in a specific sequence triggered by N1 speeds and are a VERY common failure item on the 305 engine. If a BOV fails to open at the proper time, it produces a series of pressure surges in the compressor, and generates a rapid "pop pop pop" noise. They are a royal pain to change, but they can at least be replaced without having to remove the engine - but it is still an all-day job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Growing up in the US, I have always followed NFL football, but a few months ago, while channel-surfing, I stumbled on a Rugby match on a local cable channel which is dedicated to European football and Rugby. I'm now quite hooked! I can't really get into soccer (what the rest of the world calls football), though I did cheer on the U.S. team during the World Cup. Rugby is a different matter - I can't get enough of it... Really enjoy watching it, and NFL football now seems incredibly boring by comparison.
  8. @fjacobsen I have to respectfully disagree. Add on mesh is NOT "required" for VECTOR. It will install, and run on any FSX installation whether enhanced mesh is present or not. BUT, to get the best results, an add-on SRTM-based mesh is recommended. To my mind, when something is "required", it means that it MUST be present, or the product will not work at all. A good example is the .NET 4.0 runtime. If you don't have that, many installers won't run, (including those for ORBX FTX). Another example would be various PMDG aircraft which depend on very specific versions of the MSVC runtime files to be present on a FSX computer. Without them, the PMDG aircraft will either crash outright, or will display unexpected or unpredictable behavior. I've been reading these forums since the first announcement of VECTOR by JV and PILOTS back in September. It has always been clear to me, right from the first, that an enhanced terrain mesh product would give "best results" with VECTOR. (And it does NOT have to be Global 2010 or Ultimate. FSGenesis mesh works well, as do many freeware meshes) JV has been stating this right from the beginning, as does the users's guide posted pre-release. Enhanced mesh is not REQUIRED, but it does make the product look better in most places. The decision is left to the end-user. I never gave it much thought one way or another, as I already have worldwide enhanced mesh, and have had for over two years. My problem was just the opposite... I have had many many airports perched on plateaus since installing FS Global Ultimate - a "known" issue due to conflicts between the accurate enhanced mesh, an INaccurate default FSX airport elevations. I had assumed that VECTOR would automatically fix this. (It didn't) Apparently the airport elevation corrections did not make it into the final release of VECTOR v 1.0, but will be coming in the first patch.
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