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  1. I am running the initial release of V5. I own Orbx Global Base, Open LCNA, Europe and South America, all installed in a separate library outside the core sim using Orbx Central 4.1.6 LM has announced a hot fix will be coming out next week. Since many of the current reported bugs in V5 involve scenery, (hitting invisible walls etc), I strongly suspect that the hot fix will require reinstalling client, content and scenery - or basically, a complete P3D reinstall. If this is the case, is there anything I need to do specifically in Orbx Central prior to uninstalling the existing P3DV5? In a fresh install, there would not be any Orbx entries in the add-ons.cfg initially. Based on my understanding of Central V2, the procedure would be to run Central, do a “verify files” on each product, followed by a “sync simulator”? Or would it require an uninstall and reinstall? I just want to be sure that the lclookup.bgl and terrain.cfg entries that Orbx requires get properly entered after updating the base sim.
  2. The Lorby Scenery Organizer (or equivalent) is absolutely necessary for those who use certain 3rd-party packages. For instance, I subscribe to FSAerodata, and the four scenery entries it creates for navaids and approaches must be at the very top of the scenery library, at priorities 1 through 4. It will not work properly if it is not placed this way. FTX Central 3.0, (and the new 4.0), both move the FSAerodata entries down to the middle of the library. Just opening and closing Central is enough to cause that to happen. It is always necessary to use the Lorby organizer afterward to move those FSAerodata entries back to the top where they belong.
  3. I opened FTXCentral today for the first time in a couple of months, and noticed that there had been an update to the NA Freeware Airport Pack, so I downloaded it. I did not notice that one of the new airports was my home airport, Elmira-Corning Regional KELM. The default airport in FSX, (and by extension P3D) was quite outdated. Since the 2006 release of FSX, the main runway 06/24 has been extended 1000 feet, several new hangars were constructed, and most signicantly, there was a major relocation of several taxiways, completed just last summer. When I spawned on the KELM terminal ramp today (after running FTX Central), it was immediately apparent that something was very different! All the airport buildings now look very close to their actual appearance, including the new hangars that were not present at all in the default airport scenery. The icing on the cake was the realization that the recent major taxiway realignment is accurately depicted. Thanks for doing this - I would have gladly paid for this update! There is one very minor thing that was missed: Previously, there was no taxiway leading to the threshold of the secondary runway 10. Aircraft wishing to depart from 10 would have enter the runway from taxiway “A”, back-taxi to the end and do a 180. As part of last year’s taxiway renovation, a new short taxiway segment “E” was constructed giving direct access to the runway 10 threshold from taxiway “A” as shown in the FAA diagram. That new short segment does not seem to be present in the new update. Other than that, the update is perfect. Much appreciated! Jim Barrett
  4. A genuine email from PayPal will address you by your name - whatever your name is in your PP account. i.e. "Dear Joe Smith". The phishing emails typically address you as "Dear PayPal customer"
  5. That is correct - there is only one .exe file. Unzip the contents of all 4 zip files into the same directory. I believe there are a total of 21 files, then run the single .exe file which will launch the installer.
  6. Looking at an aerial photo of the real Falcon Field in Google Maps, shows that the the OpenLC representation is dead accurate. The infield between the runways (and basically everything not paved) is indeed plain desert dirt.
  7. You have to be careful in defining "above" or "below", as it could mean two different things, depending on how you view your scenery library - whether looking at the library entries in the scenery menu of the sim, or looking directly at the scenery.cfg file in a text editor. The important thing is that the OLC entries must be at a lower priority than the FTX entries in the scenery library. Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. You're welcome! This release is kind of like what happened at the famous Woodstock music festival in 1969. The promoters were expecting about 50,000 attendees at best, and close to 500,000 showed up! But, then, as now, it all worked out in the end! Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Got all 4 files in about 3 hours late last night. Here on the US East Coast, the CDN1 server worked best. Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'm not sure any amount of prior planning can really cope with a release this large, and this popular. An entirely new E-Commerce system, with new cloud servers IS in the works, but not ready yet. Can you imagine the outcry if ORBX announced: "The new OpenLC is fully complete, but we are going to hold off on the release until Autumn, when our new servers are ready..." THAT would go over well (NOT)! We have all waited this long - a day or two more isn't going to kill anyone. It should get better once the initial furor dies down a bit One suggestion: Do not try to initiate the same download from multiple servers simultaneously just to "see which one is fastest." That sort of thing only makes things worse for everyone. Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. You may be right, but the online sales part of FSS operates 24/7... If the installers are ready to go, they could probably be brought on line remotely without any staff having to be physically present in their headquarters. Still, with a release like this, which is bound to be popular, they might want to have all hands on deck before going live. No matter how robust their E commerce web site and download servers may be, their systems are bound to get hammered once the purchase link appears at FTX. Of course, Monday morning in Oz is Sunday evening here on the US East Coast, so some of us might still get the chance to get our hands on it before the weekend is officially over. We shall see![emoji3] Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I believe that the new product will simply be called "OpenLC NA", and will include all of the former NA Alaska/Canada landclass, plus the rest of the USA, Caribbean, etc. It appears that the original Alaska/Canada OpenLC will no longer be sold as a separate product, since it is now part of the "complete" OpenLC NA. Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Glad it worked! Those kind of repetitive tiles are standard in the U.S. in P3D with the default landclass. I can't wait to see what the new OpenLC will bring when the NA package is released. Questo messaggio c'est envoyé von meinem iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. This is what I see in P3D 3.2 at the above coordinates, using: FTX Global Textures, Vector, Open LC Europe and Pilot's Global Ultimate mesh. Your shot almost looks like default P3D Landclass is taking priority over ORBX OpenLC Questo messaggio envoyé von meinem iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  15. Go to the ORBX web site at http://www.fullterrain.com Click on the menu link at the top marked "Support", then scroll down to near the bottom of the page, where you will find a link to download the stand-alone ORBXLIBS installer. Once downloaded and unzipped, you can run the installer at any time, independent of FTX Central. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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