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  1. I would not be able to tell it's a sim. Very realistic shots. Very nice.
  2. Excellent shots. Those night lights look incredible.
  3. Super set! I like all of them but that first shot needs to be framed!
  4. Superb shots here Jack. Love the scenery and aircraft.
  5. The only thing better than this would be the real deal! Nice shots there.
  6. I'm a simple guy. I see FILOU, I click
  7. Fala Luquinhas! Really cool shot! I lived in SP for a few years. The weather is spot on too Well done!
  8. Thanks a lot Jack! I would like to make it myself someday. The views must be impressive.
  9. The 207 is my favorite Cessna. A bush flyer's dream. Thanks for sharing!
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