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  1. Looks amazing! These TE products really make XP come alive. Any airpots planned at the time of release? BTW - I'm getting annoyed by the MSFS trolls on these forums and the nonsense speculation. MSFS is mostly hype at this point (i.e. good marketing). I work for MS and will continue to support XP given the focus on flight dynamics and active community. Each platform will have its pluses and minus and appeal to different users.
  2. Thanks guys. Agree that image quality at max texture is negligible. My problem is that I can't run XP11 at high/max texture setting consistently but have plenty of hard drive space. ZL17 looks better at lower texture settings which puts less stress on my VRAM. I'm on a Mac with 8GB card, but XP11 is not optimized for AMD cards and Mac. This will change when Metal is ready based on the early performance stats from LR. In the meantime, I prefer ZL17 and medium texture quality. That said, I support the effort to reduce file sizes and I think this will be a great longer-term solution.
  3. Interesting discussion. My vote would be to keep the ZL17 and not sacrifice quality (or offer two options for every TE product- low and high res). Based on my experience, there is a noticeable difference between ZL17 and ZL16 for GA flying at lower elevations. The best part of TE WA are the Cascade mountains and the islands and I feel having ZL17 makes a difference. If you must reduce the quality, I would recommend doing so in the eastern 1/3 of the state which is mostly flat with not much to see (from the air). Instead, I would prefer to see a ZL18 enhancement pack for the Seattle area. My two cents. Those of you holding off on purchasing TE WA based on size are missing out on probably the best scenery in flight simulation. I own all the ORBX products for XP11 and this one is simply amazing. Why not buy a bigger HD (cheap) and enjoy TE WA now? This is my home state so I'm a little biased.
  4. EGNX looks great. That said, the initial release has a couple of items that could be improved (hopefully in a future update). FPS is very bad in and around the parking lots (drops from mid 30's to single digits). This impacts the ability to explore or fly over the airport. It may have something to do with the lighting since removing restores FPS back to 30-40 (but then there is no lighting). Please note that my FPS on the runways is really good where it matters most. I like to see both the Orbx and XP static planes (makes it look more busy). I noticed that airline codes are not specified in the EGNX apt.dat file which is resulting in incorrect airline placement (e.g. SouthWest or Alaska in the UK). Please consider adding airline codes to the gate assignments to improve the XP static planes. Thanks
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