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  1. Superb, many locations instantly recognisable. Was walking around Glengoyne and Bengoyne (pics 15 and 16 - volcanic plug remnant on the left) a few weeks ago. I don't usually fly over home ground but may make an exception when the seasonal LOD14 stuff comes out for P3D, wink, wink. Regards.
  2. Have my aircraft fuelled and loaded with passengers (in Flight Sim Economy) at KSUN for a flight to KIDA. Just waiting for this airport to drop. Looks great!
  3. Hey Mark, sorry for you and your wife's loss. Your first shot - instant recognition! - I've flown in the real skies (just < edit > East <not W> of Dumbarton and Alexandria looking N over Loch Lomond - to the right) and this is so realistic. Nice one! Regards, Sim.
  4. Hi Infus1on, Up to v2.5 people had a choice to update or reinstall a new version. This one (v2.5) is different and is a new installation - no choice. I believe the plan is to allow incremental updates from this point forward and some of the changes to file structure implemented in 2.5 were to allow a simpler update route in the future. Hope that helps. Regards.
  5. John, I have to say that your comments on this thread re: P3Dv2 being the future gave me a really nice positive vibe. I had thought that we'd lost the way a little, but things are taking on a nice positive feel again and the P3Dv2.2/2.2.1 shots are brilliant. Thanks for sticking with it. All the best to you and your developers. Regards, Sim.
  6. GSX is native - download latest installer then select P3Dv2 when you run it.
  7. Hi Kilstorm, I think we both use our aliases in FSE? Both sets of hardware will work perfectly in P3Dv2. From memory ... TrackIR: download latest game file/driver, run it then start TIR, then P3Dv2 ... should work. GoFlight: same, download latest driver, install and select P3D in the simulator tab, set up buttons etc an Bob's your uncle. I don't think I had to copy over the goflight bit of the exe.xml file from FSX. Regards, Simjockey.
  8. Those shadows are stunning - thanks for the shots. Sim.
  9. Och aye, nice shots, but did ye no know laddie that thae lakes are actually called lochs. All except one ... The Lake of Menteith, so called as an insult to the landowner (can't remember why - I reckon he must have sided with the English against the Scots at some point. Regards, Sim.
  10. Hi Guys, KMZ file works ok in my Google Earth. Everything looks to be in the right place including North Connel - certainly has been spuced up a lot since I was there. Sim. [Edited for spelling]
  11. Hehehe all this talk of Mach Loop and Valley - maybe Orbx will come up with "Hawk Flow".
  12. Hi bailout, ASE has the ability to change the sharp/hard haze layer FSX renders - it replaces it with a much more realistic effect.
  13. Wow, that first shot gave me goosebumps ... do I see a new line here - an Orbx inspired Xmas/Seasonal Greetings card range? Sim.
  14. Best kit I ever bought for any of the sims I fly and even ARMA2! Simply put - could not fly without it! Sim. PS: I've had EZCA and TrackIR working flawlessly together from the point that EZCA became compatible with TrackIR - awesome together.
  15. FSEconomy, as its name suggests, provides a world-wide economic framework geared to the generation and delivery of Pax and freight consignments. It is geared to General Aviation and not the 'big iron' so is suited perfectly to the Orbx'd airfields found scattered across the NW USA/SW Canada. The browser-based software lets you access the assignments and the relevant availability of aircraft for rental in order to deliver these to their destinations. It really gives you a purposeful reason for flying and therefore stimulates your desire to fly ... whether it's into the Orbx uprated paid-for fields (or the 'Orbx-treated' fields in their areas of coverage - PNW, etc) or even into areas that you've never flown in. The whole thing is free, so what have you got to lose (apart from even more time spent flying in virtual paradise)? I have no connection with the gurus behind FSE other than being an enthusastic participant trying to build up v$ to 'purchase' my first aircraft - a BN Islander, and to connect my FSE virtual FBO (WA93, Eliza Island ~12Nm ESE of KORS) to the magnificant KORS' and 2WA1's of the Orbx NA universe. Regards, Sim.
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